Qualcomm Modems are expected to be used on iPhone 15, iPhone 16, and the Apple 5G chip is being deactivated until 2025

Qualcomm Modems are expected to be used on iPhone 15, iPhone 16, and the Apple 5G chip is being deac ...

iPhone models expected to be released in 2023 and 2024, including the iPhone 15 and iPhone 16, will reportedly continue to feature Qualcomm''s recently announced Snapdragon X70 chipset and the yet-to-be-announced Snapdragon X75 modem. The upcoming iPhone models are expected to be launched without Apple''s 5G modem, which is expected to help drive power efficiency improvements. Earlier in June, another analyst had indicated that Qualcomm would continue to serve as the exclusive supplier of 5G modems for new

According to a study note from Haitong International Securities analyst Jeff Pu, the iPhone 15, which might be launched in 2023, and the iPhone 16 that is expected to be capable of being Qualcomm X70 and X75 modems, The company, in recent years, has been attempting to develop its own 5G modem in order to reduce its dependence on Qualcomm as a supplier.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an international securities analyst, previously stated that iPhone models slated for 2023 would be powered by Apple''s own 5G modem processor, with only a 20% supply share remaining with Qualcomm. However, according to Kuo, these efforts may have "failed" to be delivered on time, indicating that the 100 percent supply share of 5G modem chips or Apple iPhones will remain with the company.

Qualcomm (QCOM.O)My latest survey claims that Apple''s own iPhone 5G modem chip development may have failed, therefore Qualcomm will remain exclusive supplier for 2H23 new iPhones with a 100% supply share (compared to the previous estimate of 20%).

Qualcomm''s latest Snapdragon X70 processor will be available for 15 devices, including a 10 Gbps download speed, as well as enhanced artificial intelligence capabilities, such as improved average speeds, coverage, better latency, and increased power efficiency.

According to previous projections, Apple''s own 5G modem processor is likely to be loaded on iPhone models by the year 2025, a two-year delay. According to an earlier study, Apple is planning to partner with TSMC for the production of its own iPhone 5G modem chips for future smartphones. The modem was said to be designed and tested at 5nm before moving to mass production in 2023 at 4nm.

Intel''s 5G modem division was bought by Apple in 2019 after Qualcomm and Apple agreed to close a litigous modem technology patent with Qualcomm receiving over $4 billion (roughly Rs. 29,800 crore) as part of the settlement.