According to a report from US teens, around a third of Americans own an Apple Watch

According to a report from US teens, around a third of Americans own an Apple Watch ...

Piper Sandler, an investment bank, claims that about a third of them now own an Apple Watch. It follows a New York Times report about parents buying Apples for children as young as five years old.

According to a recent Taking Stock With Teens survey, 31 percent of US teens currently own an Apple Watch, and one out of every 16 people is planning to purchase one.

Philip Elmer-DeWitt, who read the latest report, claims that the survey is comprehensive, but believes it''s truely representative.

My take: This comprehensive survey continues to oversample North Americas well-heeled suburbs. It''s best for capturing trends in its 21st year.

It appears to be probable that percentage, which is equivalent to 31% of all US teens.

According to a new analysis, 87 percent of American teens own an iPhone, and 88% anticipate to purchase [another] one as their next phone.

It''s certain to be true that among anyone who wear a smart watch, there''s a chance that its an Apple Watch. According to a recent survey, Apples wearable continues to dominate the market, selling more than three times as many watches as the company''s nearest competitor, Samsung.

The SE 2''s use for Apple''s position has been improved by a starting price of $249, the same processor as the Series 8, and the inclusion of the new Crash Detection and Emergency SOS features. The model is expected to become a popular model for parents to purchase.

Many people believe that an Apple Watch offers a good balance of safety and value, as well as a means of tracking their children (with the cellular model), giving them the ability to make and receive calls and messages without the expense and risks of an iPhone.

Apples Family Setup allows parents to easily equip their kids with Apple Watches, and we recently provided some tips for those who wish to go this route.

Older kids are more likely to buy iPhones, but it''s not difficult to see how many of them would pressure their parents to purchase an Apple Watch.

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