What to Expect from Microsoft's Surface Event in 2022

What to Expect from Microsoft's Surface Event in 2022 ...

Microsoft''s big hardware event on October 12 (opens in a new tab) has almost arrived, and there''s plenty of buzz about which new Surface products we may see.

Microsoft hasn''t received enough hardware updates since the Surface Laptop 4 was first launched in April 2021, but some will be released in October 2021. These are things we''re anticipating for this event, although our current expectations are mostly based on leaks, so temper your excitement until the day itself.

Microsoft is on a roll, with Windows 11 growing in popularity, and a big update for the new OS already coming. However, the tech giant''s Surface products have never quite reached the widespread dominance of Apple''s MacBooks and iPads. Could a new slate of services eventually change that?

What new devices will we expect this year? Let''s take a look.

Microsoft Surface Pro 9

One of the leaked devices - and one we know at this point - is the next Surface Pro tablet, which is running on Windows 11. The Surface Pro line has long been around, and has generally implemented solid hybrid tablets - barring the odd misstep that was the Surface Pro X, which was ARM-based.

The letter X is rather than the Roman numeral for 10: the next Pro tablet from Microsoft will presumably be the Surface Pro 9. Current leaks point towards a 12th-gen Intel processor with Intel Xe integrated graphics, which sounds about right to us. The display is expected to be the same 2880 x 1920 screen seen in the Surface Pro 8.

Naturally, we''d also expect a new Surface Pro to include Windows 11 and Wi-Fi 6. Several leaks suggest that we''ll see a model powered by a new Microsoft SQ3 processor developed in collaboration with Qualcomm, stating that if this proves to be true, that model might be equipped with 5G LTE capabilities.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 5

While the Surface Laptop 4 was a great Windows laptop, its detractors complained that it wasn''t enough of a generational upgrade from the Surface Laptop 3. We''re hoping to see a Surface Laptop 5 at this event, which will hopefully represent a bigger step forward - enough to make it into our best laptops list, ideal!

The Surface Pro 9, which is powered by a 12th-gen Intel Core processor, is on similar footing, apparently with a few different versions available if you prefer an i7 instead of an i5.

Microsoft''s goal is to reclaim the best Chromebooks by providing a more convenient laptop experience than ChromeOS. We''d like to see a higher 120Hz display on the Surface Laptop 5, but there''s nothing that has been leaked so far to suggest that the case will be.

Microsoft Surface Studio 3

The Surface Studio 2 has been launched for nearly four years, and we described it as "the ultimate digital drafting table" at the time. It''s been a pleasure to see the product, and it''s time for a fresh model.

If the leaks we''ve seen are to be understood, we might be getting just that. Unfortunately, those leaks reveal the new Surface Studio model as being used by an 11th-gen Intel processor - an odd move considering that Intel''s 13th generation is now alive, and the performance leap between the 11th and the 12th gens is quite significant.

The Studio 2 had some perhaps more ancient components in it, but it still served as an excellent medium for creative work. As long as the Physical Design of the Surface Studio 3 is fresh and up-to-date, it might be a new killer all-in-one system for artistic professionals.

Microsoft Surface Duo 3

Alright, this one may be wishful thinking on our part. Microsoft''s trepidation into folding smartphone technology was an unsteady one; we were a little confused about when the Surface Duo 2 was released last year. It was cool, but was particularly costly, as well as its Android-powered OS.

The third time, right? Microsoft released Surface Duo devices in October 2020 and 2021, so we''d still like to see a surprise Duo 3 arrive on October 12. If Microsoft would actually nail the design and keep the price reasonable, the Duo would remain a somewhat unique device that might open up a niche.

Microsoft filed a new patent for a different type of foldable display in September 2022, and it looks like it isn''t going to leave the Duo line completely yet. There are currently no leaks or claims that the Surface Duo 3 will be revealed, but a tech journalist can dream.