The Apple Watch Ultra, the second-generation Garmin MARQ smartwatch, costs 3x as much as the Garmin Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra, the second-generation Garmin MARQ smartwatch, costs 3x as much as the Garmin  ...

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Do you think the finest Garmin watches are too expensive? Do you like spending your hard-earned money on luxury smartwatches? I have good news for you: Garmin has just launched its second generation of luxury MARQ smartwatches, and the most expensive model, the MARQ Aviator, retails for $2,400/2,100/AU$4,100. That''s three times as much as the Apple Watch Ultra is in the United States!

The watches sport a Grade-5 titanium watch case, a Grade-5 titanium/ceramic bezel, and a 1.2 (30.4 mm) AMOLED touchscreen display (38 x 390-pixel resolution) with a ''domed'' sapphire lens. Each model has five features, including a MARQ Athlete, MARQ Adventurer, MARQ Captain, and MARQ Aviator.

MARQ Aviator can be used to navigate to a location or waypoint in the worldwide aeronautical database or choose the ''Nearest'' function to initiate a journey to a nearby airport. Pilots can set a minimum crosswind and flight conditions they''re comfortable with, and they''ll be alert when the weather is appropriate.

All watches have a variety of health and wellness features, including wrist-based heart rate tracking, respiration and stress monitoring, advanced sleep insights, Body-Battery energy monitoring and more. Another feature is the Jet Lag Adviser, which enables you to ''feel your best mentally and physically'' by analyzing your sleep history and other metrics, and recommending the amount of light exposure, a sleep schedule, and exercise to minimize the effects of jet lag.

The feature will tell you what you should do and when to quickly adjust to the new time zone, as well as push notifications to the wrist, giving tips and reminders about caffeine intake, exercise, and more. Before you depart, you can enter travel details in the Garmin Connect app and track how your body''s internal clock is adjusting to the new destination.

Athlete of Garmin MARQ (Gen 2)

The new MARQ watch range is said to be capable of covering up to 16 days in smartwatch mode (GPS turned off; 6-day always-on screen activated) and up to 21 days in battery saver mode. GPS-only battery life is up to 42 hours (30 hours with always-on screen activated).

Garmin claims the new MARQ range will be available in October 2022, although you may already check them out at Garmin US (opens in new tab), Garmin UK (opens in new tab) and Garmin AU (opens in new tab). Prices vary from $1,900/1,600/AU$3,250 (MARQ Athlete (Gen 2) model). Check out our Garmin MARQ Athlete review and Garmin MARQ Golfer review.