Report: iPhone 15 will be the first USB Type-C iPhone to undergo a complete switch to port-less iPhones

Report: iPhone 15 will be the first USB Type-C iPhone to undergo a complete switch to port-less iPho ...

Apple may reintroduce a USB type-C connection on the iPhone and other devices, since the European Union has passed a new legislation that requires manufacturers of electronics to switch to USB type-C ports by the end of 2024. Today, although the Apple iPhone 15 might be the first iPhone to come with a USB type-C connection, it may not last long on Apple''s smartphones, as the Cupertino giant wants to transition to a wireless future.

Apple is said to be developing type-C ports on many of its devices before the EU legislation comes into effect. As Bloomberg reports, the company has already developed a type-C port. Only the MacBook laptops and iPads will have a lightning port.

The next versions of the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max are expected to move to a type-C port by 2024. Despite its promise of a wireless future and a port-less iPhone, the whole Apple lineup is expected to be moving.

India may not one but two types of universal chargers for phones and electronics.

Is there a Type-C connection for iPhones coming soon? The latest EU legislation requires that all phones have to be connected to USB in 2024.

Ming-Chi Kuo hints at an iPhone 15 that would have a USB Type-C port instead of a Lightning.

Apple''s iPhone, iPad, and the Apple Watch have been reported to be removing the charging port altogether. In his report, Gurman stated that Apple''s future is wireless, and that the USB type-C era will be short-lived, perhaps shorter than the 30-pin iPod connector or the Lightning port that have existed for 11 years.

Apple has long been expected to transition to fully port-less iPhones, with the company''s vision for a wireless future. The new EU legislation in fact, came as a hiccup in the company''s plans to directly move from a lightning port to a port-less, as evidenced by previous reports. This years iPhone 14 models coming without a SIM tray in the United States is also said to be a step towards a move to a port-less iPhone.