Smart home items from Roku have been discovered, and they appear to be rebadged Wyze products

Smart home items from Roku have been discovered, and they appear to be rebadged Wyze products ...

Photos of what appears to be Roku smart home products have been shared, along with shipping notices. It follows the company branching out into audio with speakers designed for use in home theater settings.

A photo on Reddit shows a smart light strip similar to that used by Hue Lightstrip, and another website has posted images of a range of other Roku-branded goods.

A user who claims to have seen the Reddit photo in a Walmart store has apparently said that there are some LED bulbs and security cameras.

Additional pack photos for Zatz Not Funny as well as links to two shipping manifests. In all, the varying leaks show:

The site believes that the products are identical to that of Wyze, and that the cameras are particularly straightforward to identify.

Couple all this with a confirmed Roku Smart Home channel, and there''s no need to worry about the fact that the products will be officially announced anytime soon.

One for Roku''s on-brand strategy is a light strip that can seamlessly sync colors with whats on the screen. Philips offers an expensive strategy to do this, and the company hopes it will make it more accessible.

The ability to adapt the video streaming scene with thematic mood lighting makes sense. Beyond traditional app or voice control and automation, it would be quite dangerous if Roku streamers directly with the connected lighting to harmonize television content. Something like the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box but without breaking the bank. I can also imagine the Rokus stub of a television app itemizing ones home accessories as well as the required video cam feeds.

Roku effectively exceeded Tivo, according to Dave Zatz, by being more flexible in its strategy, implying that rebranding existing services is another example.

TiVo had a great opportunity to get into this space once upon a time with $1 billion in the bank. Yet, as has been the case the last decade or so, Roku is overcoming them to every punch. Consider the fact that Roku is heavily leaning on Wyze for their smarts rather than reinventing the wheel.

Roku provided an even more comforting alternative to Apple TV in March thanks to the addition of Photo Streams, a voice-enabled keyboard, and more. In May, Apple Music was also added to the platform.

Roku has established itself as the default smart TV choice since it began in partnership with Netflix in 2008, offering affordable and low-cost plug-in devices for existing TVs, as well as an OS for a slew of smart TVs.