The return of PS5 resupply is up 400% ahead of the launch of God of War Ragnarok

The return of PS5 resupply is up 400% ahead of the launch of God of War Ragnarok ...

Sonys increased shipments of PS5s to the United States by more than 400 percent through September. However, this increase comes just in time for fans to get a hold of the console for God of War Ragnarok.

If you have ever been looking for a PS5, then you should be wary. Sony''s PS5 shipments to the United States are now over 7 million, indicating a +400% year on year increase. It''s hoped that Sony has finally recovered from the supply of PS5s, which it has struggled to keep in stock since the consoles launch in 2020. Perhaps this is the highlight of this year.

There have been a number of reports of improved PS5 supply in the past few months, but there have been no reports until now. Import data into the United States confirms that Sony Interactive (PlayStation) shipments in September were +400% YoY. Yes, you read that correctly. Some of that will go into inventory for GoW launch for sure. #PS5 11, 2022

Despite these shipment numbers, they haven''t come out of thin air. According to analysts, PS5 shipments and sales have increased gradually from 2.3 million units in the first months of 2021 to 3.9 million units between July and October of the same year.

The supply of PS5s appeared to be lower than they were due to a steep drop in supply we saw in early 2021. Moreover, the situation worsened by the PS4 Pro''s suspension as well as the high demand for the console.

Up for grabs

The PS5 restocks are great news for anyone who has been waiting for a new console for years. So how do you keep an eye on the page weve updated for the PS5 restock updates to get all of the latest news?

Due to the huge increase of shipments into the United States in September, there are already reports of more PS5s on supermarket shelves. This stock increase also means we may see some Black Friday PS5 deals, which would be the first time weve seen the consoles discounted with hardware in short supply, and retailers havent felt any pressure to reduce the prices. More stock for cheaper, its the dream.

This past weekend, saw my first one in the wild. I spent a lot for myself to do 11, 2022

Despite the fact that there have been no major reports of PS5 shipments into Europe, Sony should be increasing the supply to meet the demand.


Instead of the world''s end, it appears like God of War Ragnarok had created additional PS5s. It may just be beneficial to have such a timing, but Sony must be well-known to have so many consoles on shelves this year.

Sony''s biggest release was Horizon Zero Dawn West all the way back in February, and since then, the only major release was The Last of Us Part I, a (great) remake.

If Sony is planning to stock PS5s for Ragnarok''s release, then that is a demonstration of how massive a release it expects the game to be. Hype may be dangerous, therefore I try to avoid getting too excited about games before they are released. However, even I cant help it. I believe I have failed one of my sacred rules, as I am now excited for God of War Ragnarok.