The EA Desktop PC App is now available for download and replaces its origins

The EA Desktop PC App is now available for download and replaces its origins ...

EA''s desktop PC app is out of beta and is now available for download. Origin will be completely replaced for PC, which was introduced in 2011, and promises a faster, more reliable, and improved Windows gaming experience. Mac users, however, will not receive this update and can continue using the Origin app. The name will be removed as an invite, or you may visit the official website.

Origin is automatically deleted from the EA app, thereby completely repurposing it. Players may also start downloading games and background updates, or browse the store, which has now been integrated with the EA Play subscription service. Whether it be EA Play or the premium EA Play Pro membership, this means that their existing plans will carry over to the new software. If you were subscribed at one point, it will even prompt you, asking for renewal before you navigate the application.

Millions of gamers have been welcome to our Origin platform for over 10 years, and we''ve heard your feedback and recognized the limitations of this platform in a rapidly evolving entertainment landscape. So we started out developing EA''s next-generation PC game platform, according to a blog post.

The title bar, which should be removed with the upcoming update, ensures that all users on Origin have access to the EA app. However, a decent store page would be required, indicating that it includes screenshots and descriptions similar to Epic Games Store. The trailer segment is a YouTube embed, which opens in a separate window.

The EA app is now available on Windows PC. Despite the fact that Mac users may continue using Origin without having to worry.