YouTube has launched "handles" to improve channel identification

YouTube has launched "handles" to improve channel identification ...

Handles will allow creators and their supporters to quickly discover channels and engage with each other on the platform. Unlike channel names, handles will be unique to each creator.

YouTube will notify creators when they can select a handle for their channel. If a creator already has a personalized URL, it will automatically become their handle. Some users may also modify the handle for their channel name via YouTube Studio.

Both the channel pages and Shorts will have handles to make them instantly recognizable. It will also enable individuals to mention and tag other creators in comments, community posts, video descriptions, collabs, and other formats.

This is primarily done to ensure that the audience is in fact viewing their desired creator rather than a fictitious one with the same channel name. Creators who are active on YouTube, have a good subscriber count, and have a good overall will get their handles earlier than others.