How often should you wash towels? According to experts, here's what they say

How often should you wash towels? According to experts, here's what they say ...

It''s a lot like jumping out of the shower into a soft and fluffy towel to wrap up in. While we may feel fresh and clean, how often should you wash your towels?

While you may think that you should wash your bedsheets regularly, maintaining adequate care to ensure them are in top condition. On the one hand, not washing your towels often will make them unhygienic, and hinder the purpose of drying off clean skin.

So, how often should you wash your towels? We investigate what the experts say, and you''ll be surprised.

These laundry tricks will ease your life if you want to speed up your laundry day. Be sure not to make this biggest laundry mistake that might ruin your towels.

How often should you wash your towels?

The general rule of thumb is to wash bath towels at least once a week or after three usages. This is to help prevent bacteria and germs from developing on your towel, and thus it is more hygienic as a result. This is the best method to avoid growth as a result of the virus''s ability to thrive in humid conditions.

Susan Fermor, a spokesperson for the eco laundry detergent company, agrees that "it may be a surprise to some people, but we would recommend washing your towels after at least three uses."

While you''re exercising at the gym, whether you have excess sweat, experts advise to wash or change towels after one use as they absorb body secretions and oils quickly. This applies if you are sick to avoid reinfection, or prone to allergies such as eczema or sensitive skin.

Since towels are used more frequently, they should be cleaned or changed every one to two days. So if you have a large household with more people sharing towels, you may anticipate more germs and nasty flaws lurking in fibers.

Why is it important to wash your towels frequently?

Although towels are absorbable water, it is also important to know how to wash towels each time. Bacteria growth is often avoided because to towels. Towels must always be completely dry before each use.

When should you buy new towels?

Bath towels may be durable for years, but once they become scratchy, frayed, torn, or non-absorbent, they are no longer effective. Experts suggest you should buy new towels every two years to get the best bath regime results.

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