Over one million credit cards have been released to the dark web by hackers

Over one million credit cards have been released to the dark web by hackers ...

Over 1.5 million credit cards have been published online by a dark web marketplace called BidenCash.

According to a study from BleepingComputer, the leak included information such as card numbers, expiration dates, CVV numbers, cardholder names, bank names, card types, physical addresses, email addresses, Social Security numbers, and phone numbers. This information is enough for cybercriminals to commit financial fraud and identity theft.

The majority of the cards originated from the United States, while others were from India, Brazil, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, Spain, and China. Some of the cards will not expire before 2023, but others will remain valid until 2026.

The leak appears to be a promotional campaign for BidenCash''s new shop domains after their previous ones were victimized of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Consequently, the cybercriminals distributed the URLs through a public web domain as well as various hacking and carding forums.

While dark web credit card dumps are usually scams, others only contain misleading data or recycled information from old dumps as described previously. D3Labs has confirmed that around 30% of credit cards are current, indicating that around 350,000 cards might still be valid.

Always make sure that the website you''re entering your card details is genuine. Also, get in touch with your bank if you see any suspicious transactions, so they may terminate the card.