Microsoft's favor favors Biden's Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework executive order

Microsoft's favor favors Biden's Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework executive order ...

Early this year, the European Commision and the United States government announced their new Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework, which Microsoft was quick to champion the move owing its legal history with international data privacy concerns, but the Biden administration''s recent executive order might assist the implementation.

Last week, the Biden administration approved an executive order that streamlined the previously stated Data Privacy Framework and represents the third such effort by the two areas to improve the transatlantic handling of data.

The Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework, which acts as a refresher, strengthens confidence in Washingtons'' signals of intelligence gathering in the EU in addition to establishing data collecting processes and establishes an appeals system that European citizens can access when they discover that American intelligence agencies have violated the principles of the agreement in search of information.

Back in 2018, several US officials agreed to passed the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data (CLOUD) Act, which aimed to assist cross-border access to data as it constituted an investigation of serious crimes. In a publicized case between the company and the US Justice Department, the effort to clarify Microsoft''s position as a data broker based on information from Ireland but ultimately held by an American-based software company.

With Biden''s rapid tracking standards and implementation of more precise approaches for handling international data sought or held by US-based organizations, it''s no wonder Microsoft publicly offered its own commitment statement for the exercise back in March of this year.

First, Microsoft will confirm that any request for personal data from the US government meets with the newly developed Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy and Security Framework. If we believe the demand isn''t compliant, we will use all legal means to challenge it.

Biden''s executive order is a way to increase the long-term activities to investigate, manage, and limit the use of international data in criminal cases, which takes the risk of Microsoft dancing between the varying data privacy guidelines established by each country and establishing precedents.