Phil Spencer shows off his Xbox 'Keystone' streaming box

Phil Spencer shows off his Xbox 'Keystone' streaming box ...

Microsoft does not like when people leak upcoming products, yet the software company sometimes does not mind a "controlled leak" by its own employees. Fallout''s Vault Boy, for example, is no stranger to showing pictures of future hardware hidden among other things. A recent Tweet from the head of Microsoft Gaming promotes Fallout''s Vault Boy, but the most interesting things sits one shelf above, where you may see the Xbox''s "Keystone."

This is not the first time the Xbox''s "Keystone" appears in leaks. It''s already a few years old, and earlier this year, Microsoft confirmed that the project is on track to launch. It''s a surprise that Spencer''s tweet is our first look at the upcoming Xbox.

Vault Boy attended my office for the #Fallout25 anniversary. Congratulations to @Fallout @Bethesda teams on this important milestone for an iconic franchise.

Xbox "Keystone" is a technology used to bring Xbox Cloud Streaming to any TV or monitor. It will allow customers to play Xbox games without a console, as well as access to other applications, such as Netflix or Hulu. It will be interesting to see how Microsoft intends to position the device, especially considering the company''s partnerships that integrate Xbox Cloud Streaming into televisions, eliminating any need for additional hardware.

Phil Spencer''s tweet does not reveal any further information about the Xbox "Keystone." In the midst of the Surface event, the company is planning a conference, but you should not stand up for the gaming announcements there. Perhaps the future of Logitech''s new handheld console (also shown in the photo) may be a better choice.

The official Xbox account replied to the tweet and "condamned" by posting photographs of "old prototypes." It might be a joke or a signal that the final hardware design will be different.

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