Luckiest Girl Alive is a new Netflix feature, but critics and audiences are divided

Luckiest Girl Alive is a new Netflix feature, but critics and audiences are divided ...

Luckiest Girl Alive may have only been available on Netflix a few days ago (Friday, October 7 to be specific) but the thriller has already climbed the top 10 most-watched lists and is currently ranking in the No. 1 spot.

After removing Mr. Harringtons Phone, the horror film that previously held the top spot, the film became Netflix''s latest chart-topper. Despite its popularity, fans seem to be pleasantly surprised by the twisty mystery flick that stars Mila Kunis.

What is Luckiest Girl Alive about?

Mila Kunis plays TifAni Fanelli, a sharp-tongued New Yorker with a highly sought-after job at a glossy magazine. Not only does she have her career fully figured out, but Ani also has a killer wardrobe and is currently planning her dream wedding with the perfect guy.

When the director of a true crime documentary meets out, she asks her to recount her side of the horrific incident she experienced during her teenage years at the Brentley School, hidden truths come to light. Maybe her luck has finally rained.

Along with Kunis, the film features Connie Britton, Finn Wittrock, Scoot McNairy, Justine Lupe, and Thomas Barbusca. Its based on Jessica Knoll''s 2015 novel, which has drawn a number of comparisons to Gillian Flynn''s global best-selling book Gone Girl.

What are the opinions of critics about the Luckiest Girl Alive?

The Netflix Original films have a habit of being divisive, which usually receives a positive response from viewers than critics, but Luckiest Girl Alive is no exception. The thriller currently has a very low 43% on Rotten Tomatoes (opens in a new tab), but its audience has a significantly greater 7%.

Noel Murray of the Los Angeles Times (opens in new tab) was particularly impressed claiming that the film falls into the trap of attempting too hard to portray not only the books flashback-heavy plot but also its distinctive voice." Adrian Horton of The Guardian (opens in new tab) was equally critical claiming that the story [Luckiest Girl Alive] ultimately suggests an empty, self-serving fantasy.

The New York Times article''s Amy Nicholson is a bit more positive, but the writer Kuniss alpha female appears at once ferocious and like a sham. Todd McCarthy, who labeled Deadline the film as original, pointed out that the story nevertheless confronts past questionable behavior and how people struggle to deal with it even long after the fact."

Should you stream Luckiest Girl Alive?

The film ascension to the top of the streaming services most-watched list is a clear indication of a high degree of interest. However, critics are not impressed, but that is not the reason to immediately dismiss this one.

If you like films related to Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train, then Luckiest Girl Alive is surely worth adding to your watch list. Mila Kunis is a well-known character, and the plot has more than enough surprising twists to keep you hooked for the entire two-hour run time. As far as Netflix films go, chances are that Luckiest Girl Alive could do a lot better.