Prepare yourself for a team wipeout, now Bastion can carpet bomb in Overwatch 2

Prepare yourself for a team wipeout, now Bastion can carpet bomb in Overwatch 2 ...

Bastion has been rebuilt for Overwatch 2 so it is stronger and more mobile but there is also a bug that will allow you to turn your ultimate into a carpet bomb and flatten the opposing team.

Bastion, a sentient, walking battle tank, has been significantly changed in Overwatch 2. One key area, is its new ultimate: artillery, which allows a player to shoot three heavy shells into the map. Ultimates are only used a few times in a game when you start up a charge by killing, healing, or effectively. Bastions are meant to reach a new level thanks to a hack.

By using a certain key coupled with a specific mouse click, you can turn three shells into an infinite bombardment and cover the map in shells. This will immediately destroy any opposition team, ensure the goal, and even win the match.


This Bastion hack is unusable to play against and is capable of wiping out entire teams. It is reported that this hack is being used in quickplay and even competitive.

They canceled bastion ult!! 8, 2022

Even if the mode has no influence on your season ranking its difficult to have fun when a cheat is wiping the floor with you.

What''s even worse is the impact this hack can have in competitive. Unlike quickplay competitive matters, losing a match in this game mode means your season ranking will decrease. If your SR starts to go, it''s a slippery slope.

I''ve received an email from Blizzard, but have not received any response. Currently, there are no problems for this soul-destroying hack. So you may have to take justice into your own hands and notify potential players using it.

Rolling thunder

This type of hacking early on in Overwatch 2s release doesnt surprise me. There will always be people who want to push boundaries and see how they can break the game. Im guilty of this not the Bastion hack I like to see if I can jump into areas I shouldn''t be able to reach and get a point on the other team. It''s a relatively innocent alternative.

Regardless of your creativity, it might be heartbreaking if you have spent the entire match defending the point effectively only to be pushed off by a cheating hack.

I could just imagine this. With just one minute left, I had a good grounding to make all of any other attacks on the objective. I knew the attacking team was going low on goals, so victory was in sight. But then I hear the menacing and chipper whistle that signals a Bastion ultimate, and suddenly, the map turns red. I look to the sky, the hope flows from me, as I can only stand there and let a bombardment of shells rain down on myself and my fellow teammates.

Im not telling, even if I knew how to do this, I refuse to support this tomfoolery. If, for instance, you are in a personalized relationship with your friends, and they deserve it. In this case, the consequences justify the means.