Samsung's Tizen OS is now available for use on other TV brands

Samsung's Tizen OS is now available for use on other TV brands ...

Samsung Electronics has announced that it will license the Tizen OS TV software for non-Samsung TV models. It will partner with brands such as Akai, RCA, Sunny, Vispera, and others, which are mostly sold in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

This is the first time the South Korean giant has expanded its licensing program, introducing Tizen OS and its ecosystem to more goods and brands. Samsung believes the move will allow more consumers to enjoy a premium smart TV experience enhanced by Tizen, an open-source OS for Samsung Smart TV.

A press notice from the Samsung newsroom reads:

Samsung collaborates with a variety of partners to develop content licensing and hardware optimizations, allowing many TV brands to experience the entire spectrum of entertainment that Samsung Smart TVs exclusively provide, while allowing Tizen to continue expanding its offerings.

LG announced the use of Tizen OS on other platforms will allow owners to access Samsungs free streaming TV and video platform, according to Samsung TV Plus and Bixby, a voice assistant that provides users with a convenient way to explore smart TVs.