The Google Workspace redesign will help you supercharge your slide decks

The Google Workspace redesign will help you supercharge your slide decks ...

Google has been busy making it simpler for you to create and edit Slides presentations on the go with Android devices, which may be a lifesaver for long-distance commuters and hybrid workers who like to work on the go.

Google has improved the drag-and-drop experience for Slides users, who may include content like text and images directly into a presentation from another app. The company says it hopes the update "enhances flexibility by giving you more flexibility to work with, display, and organize your content."

Google Workspace updates

Slides isn''t the only app to get a refresh, with Google Meet getting a significant overhaul. Across the app, meeting creators will now be able to see all kinds of invitee details from within, including working location, out of office status, whether a meeting is outside of a workers usual hours, and if an invitee is joining from a meeting room.

These capabilities are designed to simplify the whole experience and follow Google''s last years of enhancing the integration of its services.

Only users with the following business-oriented accounts may get access to the new information: Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Business Starter, Business Standard, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, the Teaching & Learning Upgrade, and Education Plus. Non-profit clients and legacy G Suite Basic and Business account holders are also included in the list.