Mario's new voice and twerking Master Chief are troubling, and here's why:

Mario's new voice and twerking Master Chief are troubling, and here's why: ...

Of all the things that will be released during this year''s Twitchcon streamers'''' convention, the most shocking thing about Megan Thee Stallion is that he met Master Chief.

If you want to see Halo Infinite take some much-needed downtime from fighting The Banished, see it below. Like many twerking videos, it has ended up making me think about post-modernism.

Meg the Stallion tumbling on Master Chief should go down as the top 5 Twitchcon history 9, 2022

This week, I''ve had a surprise encounter with video game news seeing the funky fresh moves of a Chief cosplayer so readily accepted by a so large voice in pop culture.

Character flaws

As surreal as it might appear, dancing Master Chief cosplayers are nothing new. It''s a profound pleasure to see an emotionally constipated supersoldier snatch away a move at a Final Fantasy 14 Nightclub. It''s as simple as the hulking frame of John-117 get his groove on. Somehow, seeing the stoic frame of John-117 fills a hole in my soul that I didn''t know I had.

Fans were all interested in taking characters in wacky and unexpected directions. After all, when Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons shared a release day, fans began imagining mashups of the two games, something even the developers appreciated:

October 19, 2021: Aa1ZOX5PUa together at the last

Transitioning from fandom meme to performing in full-blown performance with world-renowned artist is certainly a step up. For the most part, fans have responded positively, in contrast to Chris Pratt''s performance in the first Super Mario Bros trailer. Although he does have an accent, it must be said that Pratt''s approach to the distinct shades of a Brooklyn accent does leave a strange retaste.

Master Chief and Mario have a common concern over their relatively newfound position under the rays of pop culture. We''ve seen how popular video games have become more ensconced in pop culture, and how they have twisted and inflated to fit more mainstream styles. Despite this being not a bad thing by default, seeing beloved characters change this way can be jarring.

As humanity''s defender, we''ve learned about Master Chief through the tight lens of the Halo games, although it''s fun to see him twerk on stage with Stallion or recreate memes, but it does force me to see him in a broader context than the sci-fi supersoldier. He''s less and less Halo''s Master Chief, and more Master Chief, as seen in the Halo games.

My attachment to Mario is stronger yet. Before I got into the game, Mario''s long history is at the core of it, but even despite appearing in a wider range of games and genres than Master Chief, they''ve always been in the same direction as Mario, who is now in charge of the rest of his life. Now, I have to recontextualize one character who has felt largely unchanged. If Mario is not himself, then who is he?

Jack Black as Bowser is fantastic, however. No notes.