Updates for Microsoft Teams are expected to be less of a total a pain

Updates for Microsoft Teams are expected to be less of a total a pain ...

The process of manually installing a new version of Microsoft Teams is expected to become somewhat less laborious due to an update coming to the collaboration platform.

As described in a new sentence in the Microsofts product roadmap, the company is preparing a series of changes that promise to make updating the various Teams clients easier.

Users will only need to approve an update once per app, and the new version will take effect in all their chats, channels, and meetings, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft Teams updates

Over the course of the year, Microsoft has completed hundreds of updates across its office software and productivity tools. Some offer only incremental improvements, but others come with major new features or patches for potential security difficulties.

It is vital that businesses are able to maintain their employees to the latest version of Microsoft Teams and other software as effectively as possible.

Most of times, Microsoft Teams will update themselves to the latest version automatically. According to Microsoft documentation, the clients are able to scan for new updates every few hours.

Regardless of whether or not an update fails to register, individual users are required to perform a manual installation, because there is no capacity for IT professionals to set up an update to a whole set of devices.

This tedious process has been unnecessarily tedious and extreme, requiring users to navigate to their profile menu in order to see if a new version is available. However, Microsoft is attempting to address this issue with the upcoming update.

The effects of the new program remain unknown, but the suggestion is that users will have fewer menus to navigate through to implement an update for Microsoft Teams, which will then be applied automatically across all channels and chats.

The update is still in development, but it should take effect for all users by the end of the month.