These are officially the worst malware strains of the year

These are officially the worst malware strains of the year ...

OpenText Security Solutions, a group of cybersecurity experts, has found out what they think is the most harmful malware (opens in a new tab) threats of the year 2022.

The Emotet kept the devious crown, followed by the ever-evolving LockBit in its "Nastiest Malware of 2022" report.

Aside from that, the company claims there is evidence that the hacker holiday is no longer coming, with businesses of all sizes now warning to be on their side.

LockBit and Conti

Even if Emotet was briefly shut down last year, it returned stronger and is now considered the world''s greatest botnet.

LockBit, the second-placed business, has been named this year as the most prolific and successful ransomware group in the world this year, posing a challenge with triple extortion tactics: full data encryption, the threat of data leaks, and a distributed denial of service (DDoS).

Qbot is in the top five, the most likely info-stealing trojan that has been released till today. This one was then transformed from a banking trojan into a malspam botnet, and then into a malicious script that could encrypt ransomware. The challenge about Valyria is how complex the components and its ability to escape detection.

According to the authors, phishing jumped about 1100% in the first four months of the year, compared to the same period the year before. This could result in the end of the hacker holiday, a period of less attacks following the busy holiday season.

The key advantage from these years'' findings is that malware remains at risk in individuals, businesses, and governments, according to OpenText. Cybercriminals continue to develop their strategies, leaving the infosec community in constant state of catch-up. With the widespread adoption of ransomware payloads and cryptocurrency facilitating payments, the battle will continue. No person, no businessregardless of sizeis immune to these threats.