Watch everything we know so far about Google Pixel

Watch everything we know so far about Google Pixel ...

The Google Pixel Watch will be released soon. The long-rumored smartwatch was verified during the Google I/O earlier this year, but it is now just days away from a complete unveiling.

The Pixel Watch will be released alongside the Google Pixel 7 series on October 6th. We also know that Wear OS 3 might be the best wearable smartphone yet for Google''s fitness tracking software. It''ll also include new Android features to the wrist, too.

It will have to contend against the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, the Fitbit Sense 2 and the Apple Watch Series 8, as well as the years of anticipation from Pixel smartphone users who have been waiting for a smartphone. However, here''s all we know about the Google Pixel Watch, from the expected release date and price to possible features, to pre-order speculation and more.

Google Pixel Watch news (updated October 4)

Both the release date and pre-orders for Google Pixel Watch are available.

The Google October event takes place October 6. That''s when the Pixel Watch will officially launch, and the release date should come shortly thereafter. Previously, the Google Pixel 7 release date was set for October 13 and that is when we might also see the Pixel Watch hit stores.

Jon Prosser, a reliable leaker, claims that the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are set to be released on October 13, while pre-orders will possibly go up on October 6 following the event. Again, that information may well apply to the Pixel Watch.

So, as pre-order information becomes available, we''ll provide you with a guide to help you get yours.

Google Pixel Watch price speculation

The Google Pixel Watch price has been subject to speculation for several months, but this is particularly true now that we''re approaching the announcement. One of the earlier Google Pixel Watch price suggestions stated that the smartwatch would cost $399, although other experts have concluded that the Pixel Watch will actually start at $349 for a GPS + Bluetooth configuration. The Pixel Watch might instead be $399, according to the author.

Competitive pricing is one of the most important features of recent Pixel devices, so we hope Google does the same with the Pixel Watch, especially if it is to challenge the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Apple Watch Series 8.

Google Pixel Watch design

The Google Pixel Watch has a rounded design, with a digital crown on the right side, and perhaps several buttons. While the color displayed during I/O is silver, rumors say the watch will also come in black and gold.

The Pixel Watch, according to Othwerise, looks to be a rather elegant and minimalist smartwatch, not as consistent as the design of other Pixel devices. Despite these interactions, bands might be a tool for wearers.

Google might include a link bracelet, a fabric band, two kinds of leather, a silicone, a Milanese-style mesh band, and a stretchable band that sounds similar to Apple''s Solo Loop. A leak supposedly confirms the Pixel Watch''s colors and bands.

The Pixel Watch will likely be similar to the Apple Watch in many ways because they may have the same manufacturer, thus the smartwatches may have more in common than previously thought. The crown of the Pixel Watch even looks similar to the Apple Watch.

Google has given us the most complete look at the Pixel Watch two weeks before the launch of the iPhone 6 and 8.

Another Google video shows the Pixel Watch with a larger screen than it was previously. We aren''t sure which one is the most exact representation, although we hope it''s the new one.

A reddit unboxing gallery has also shown off the entire Pixel Watch packaging and device. It comes in a small box with the strap pre-attached, along with a charging cradle.

Google Pixel Watch with Fitbit features

The Google Pixel Watch is expected to leverage Fitbit''s fitness tracking. Particularly when it comes to what''s possible with the Pixel Watch, the company has developed a complex health app. Fitbit Premium features, as well as workout tracking, active zone minutes, and other health-tracking tools, will be available on the Pixel Watch.

In the fall, the Google Pixel Watch vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will be a great face-off.

Google Pixel Watch specs

The internal structure, or the Pixel Watch specs, is still a mystery. Yogesh Brar claims that the Pixel Watch will have the same sensors as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, which means that it might also include the same''BioActive Sensor'' that can measure heart rate, ECG, and body fat percentage. That said, a different leak claims that the Pixel Watch will instead match the health sensors found on theFitbit Charge 5 with a heart-rate sensor that supports SpO2 and ECG readings.

Google Pixel Watch battery life

Google has filed for a USB-C charger (seen in a recent unboxing) for the Pixel Watch, but it may not come with quick charging. Sources claim that the wearable will have a 110-minute recharge time.

Google Pixel Watch Wear OS and watch faces

This one is no surprise, but Google will include its own Wear OS platform in Pixel Watch. What may or should we say, make the software different?

The shortcomings of Wear OS were never addressed in the past, but the newer, more refined version of Wear OS works great on the Galaxy Watch 5.

When new Wear OS-eligible smartwatches are updated later in 2022, we should get a better grasp of what Wear OS without Samsung''s own integrated UI.

Google Pixel Watch vs. Apple Watch

The Google Pixel Watch might triumph over the Apple Watch at its own game, but it will take a significant commitment from Google and some damaging features. The two smartwatches are reportedly expected to have a similar Taiwanese manufacturer.

This would include a fantastic Wear OS experience that is intuitive and offers a wide variety of powerful applications. Google would also need to leverage Google Assistant and its advantages over Siri right on your wrist while also offering seamless integration with other Google services such as Gmail, Google Photos, and Google calendar.

When it comes to health tracking, the Pixel Watch will need to build on its Fitbit model and create a fitness wearable that surpasses the Apple Watch on sensors and workout tracking. The Fitbit Daily Readiness Score and Active Zone Minutes are two particularly fantastic features.

To last but not least, the Pixel Watch will require a competitive price and longer battery life than the Apple Watch.

Google Pixel Watch outlook

There''s a lot of interest for the Google Pixel Watch. Not only has it been rumored for several years, but now Google has given us a few months to wait for it''s first in-house smartwatch. We can be certain it will deliver, but there''s no way to know until it gets on our wrist.