Samsung's chipmaking ambitions might imply that it will compete with TSMC in the Apples business

Samsung's chipmaking ambitions might imply that it will compete with TSMC in the Apples business ...

Samsung''s chipmaking intentions have been revealed today, suggesting that the company may be attempting to compete with TSMC for the Apple''s A-series and M-series chip business.

The Korean company is not only focusing on 3nm operations and beyond, but also intends to develop these new advanced chips in the United States.


Apple''s A-series chip manufacturing was dubbed TSMC and Samsung up until and out of the iPhone 6S.

TSMC successfully established a technical lead that saw it win all of Apple''s business for the A10 Fusion chip used in the iPhone 7. This was a 64-bit chip built on TSMC''s 16-nm process, with two high-performance cores and two high-performance cores. This gave the iPhone 7 a 40% boost in CPU power, and a 50% increase in GPU performance, without sacrificing battery life.

TSMC has remained ahead of Samsung when it comes to ever-growing processes, and has won all of Apple''s customers for iPhones, iPads, and Apple Silicon Macs.

Samsung chipmaking plans

According to Bloomberg, Samsung plans to move to reduced chipmaking systems in a few minutes, aiming for next-gen 3nm by 2024, 2nm by 2025, and 1.4nm by 2027.

Samsung Electronics Co. has announced a five-year program to engage US chip buyers with advanced technology, aiming to produce transistors that are only 1.4 nanometers wide by 2027. []

Kang said the Korean chipmaker now sees its 3nm chip process as its game changer and begins production at that node ahead of TSMC. Its investing three times more money into 3nm production than it did with previous technology generations in an effort to meet client demand []

By starting mass production of the second-generation 3nm chipsin 2024 and then 2nm parts in 2025, the company hopes to take the lead in advanced chipmaking. Two years later, the 1.4nm products will be set.

Apple is expected to pursue a 3nm process for the A17 chips in the iPhone 15, as well as the M2 Pro chip for future Macs. Samsung, which would achieve 3nm by 2024, would leave it about a year behind TSMC, and is on track to catch up by 2025.

Samsung''s goal is to make these advanced chips in the United States, according to the fact that it intends to do this, something that might appeal to Apple.

Samsung''s intention to manufacture in America is to be a part of its pitch to US customers. Samsung has an existing facility in Austin, Texas, and is planning to begin operations in the United Kingdom in 2024. It is anticipated to employ the most recent production techniques, such as 3nm technology []

If it is not, Samsung may become a major manufacturer in Texas, according to Kang. The company has secured enough locations in the region to permit it to expand in order to meet demand.

TSMC completed construction of a new chip facility in Arizona, with mass production scheduled for 2024. However, it has not been confirmed that this facility will produce A-series and M-series chips for Apple, although it has been rumored. When TSMC was looking for subsidies, Apple aided lobbying for the money.