The Windows 11 problem is finally getting rid of PC gamers

The Windows 11 problem is finally getting rid of PC gamers ...

According to the Steam Hardware and Software Survey last month, PC gamers might finally adopt Windows 11.

Users may fill out anonymous information about the software and hardware they use. This information allows gamers, developers, and Valve itself to see what is popular and assist them in directing their offerings on the platform.

The most recent survey conducted in September 2022 gave us some useful information: one in four Steam users has now upgraded to Windows 11. The steady increase of 1.05% from the previous month is unsurprisingly paired with a slight decrease in Windows 10 users in May 2022. Those numbers were currently at 71.4%.

Windows 10 is currently used by 71.4% of total users and is the most popular operating system, although some observers anticipate a change in that as more gamers gradually improve their systems. Windows 7 is tied on the third, and the 13-year-old operating system continues to grow. Despite Apple''s commitment to Macs, macOS users only account for 2.56% of all respondents.

Why are people refusing to upgrade to Windows 11?

The little window that appears to be begging you to upgrade your OS is probably one of the most ignored pop-ups ever, and therefore it is no surprise that there has been a slight burn when it comes to people upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

The brand new Windows 11 package requires your PC to have a TPM 2.0 chip, which most newer motherboards will have. However, if youre opting for older hardware then you are unlikely to receive TPM 2.0 support, which means you can''t really update your operating system unless you upgrade your whole setup, which requires a lot of effort and money to invest in an OS that you might not be interested in.

Besides, change is quite challenging. Today, we spend a lot of time at our desks, working and playing on our computers and laptops, and we become so habitual about our systems that we may not be surprised to relearn something. Why would you change what you know and love when you dont have to, anyway? People are more likely to hold out until they absolutely must upgrade (thats October 2025, still three years away) and bite the bullet when it comes to it.

Microsoft is yet to make an order for the new Windows update, and until then, it may remain a matter of fact in a lot of people''s minds. Until they basically force people to update to Windows 11, we expect a significant increase in Steam''s next few surveys.