In order to protect decryption, Cloudflare has announced a quantum cryptography beta

In order to protect decryption, Cloudflare has announced a quantum cryptography beta ...

Cloudflare has announced (opens in a new tab) that all websites and APIS provided through its platform will now support a post-quantum hybrid key agreement.

The technology, which is now in beta, aims to protect encrypted internet traffic from systems that are powerful enough to halt today''s encryption, namely quantum computers.

The new is standard, thus there is no need for an opt-in: if the browser/app supports it, the connection to Cloudflares network will be secure from any future quantum computers who attempt to break the encryption and eavesdrop on the transitioning traffic, such as passwords (opens in a new tab).

Quantum computers on the horizon

The service, according to the company, is also free of charge, claiming that post-quantum security should be the new baseline for the Internet.

Were still a long way from a fully-functioning, commercial-oriented quantum computer that might be used for such horrific purposes. In fact, Cloudflare expects such a device to arrive before 2037, but has decided to integrate post-quantum encryption solutions to get ahead of the curve and have enough time to deal with any issues and issues that might arise.

Although the Internet protocols are designed to facilitate smooth transitions like this, there is still a lot of flaw there: for many reasons, such as, a middlebox being confused about the larger post-quantum keys and other reasons we have yet to observe because these post-quantum key agreements are completely new.

Because of these issues, we feel it is important to begin post-quantum cryptography early so that together with browsers and other clients we may find and deal with these issues.

This is a new cryptography to begin with: a combination of a hard and tested key agreement, coupled with a new one that ensures post-quantum security.