Apple has lost a second bid to challenge Qualcomm's patents before the US Supreme Court

Apple has lost a second bid to challenge Qualcomm's patents before the US Supreme Court ...

Despite the settlement of the conflict between the two tech firms, the USSupreme Court arose on Monday to hear Apple''s desire to restart an effort to stop three Qualcomm smartphone patents.

Qualcomm filed a lawsuit against Apple in a federal court in San Diego in 2017 arguing that its iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watchmodels breached a wide range of patents. That case was part of a larger global dispute between the technology companies.

In this instance, Apple challenged the validity of the patents at the US Patent and Trademark Office''s patent trial and appeal board.

In 2019, the companies settled their fundamental battle, signing a total of billions of dollars, which allowed Apple to continue using Qualcomm chips in iPhones. The settlement included an Apple license to tens of thousands of Qualcomm patents, but allowed the patent-board proceedings to continue.

Apple appealed to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which was ruled in 2020 by the board. Apple, based in California, said it had the right legal standing to appeal because Qualcomm might sue again once the license expires, potentially as soon as 2025.

A three-judge judge at the Federal Circuit dismissed the case last year for a lack of standing, finding that Apple''s risk of being sued again was speculative, and the challenge would not affect its payment obligations under the settlement.

Qualcomm has once again asserted that Apple has not shown any significant harm in the defense of the appeal, as compared to the "materially identical" case that the Supreme Court rejected.

2022, Thomson Reuters