Apple offers unlimited AppleCare+ repairs for accidental damage

Apple offers unlimited AppleCare+ repairs for accidental damage ...

Apple quietly changed the AppleCare+ program earlier this month, which extends Apple''s warranty on Apple products and also provides protection for accidental damage. However, previously AppleCare+ offered service for two accidental damages per year, and the repairs now have a wide spectrum of benefits.

On Friday, the company began emailing AppleCare+ customers to remind them of the change.

Whats new for AppleCare+ customers

Apple''s email has once again demonstrated that devices covered by the AppleCare+ plan can now benefit from unlimited repairs for accidental damage instead of two incidents every 12 months. This is, for one, only valid while the plan is operational and in effect.

The company claims that the additional protections come at no extra charge, and that customers do not have to do anything to protect their precious data.

While the AppleCare+ package is currently in place, your device is protected from unlimited incidents of accidental damage from handling (instead of two incidents every 12 months), and this additional protection comes at no extra cost to you.

However, it remains unclear whether Apple is serious about unlimited repairs or if the company has a strategy to prevent abuse.

AppleCare+ costs $9.99 per month or $199 per full price. It''s important to note that even with an AppleCare+ subscription, you still have to pay a service fee to Apple if your device requires a repair.

AppleCare+ Theft and Loss

Apple also has a more expensive AppleCare+ package that covers theft and loss. Despite this being enhanced with unlimited repairs, this strategy is still limited to two thefts or losses per year.

More information on AppleCare+ can be found on the official website of the company.