NFTs are being ranked by OpenSea, so they are trying to assist collectors

NFTs are being ranked by OpenSea, so they are trying to assist collectors ...

OpenSea''s NFT marketplace has enabled a new feature on its site that will rank NFTs on the basis of their rarity. OpenRarity will provide verifiable rarity calculations for NFTs, using a mathamatical approach for calculations. Rare NFTs will be awarded lower numbers. This year, OpenSea was awarded an earier.

On Twitter, OpenSea provided the implementation of this protocol to its 1.8 million users.

On OpenSea, today we''re starting with the fantastic @coolcatsnft @pudgypenguins and @moonbirds teams, who have accepted their collections into OpenRarity, according to the platform.

1/ Today, we are launching @OpenRarity on OpenSea! We''re starting with the awesome @coolcatsnft @pudgypenguins and @moonbirds teams, who have chosen their collections into OpenRarity, go check them out! :blue_heart::point_down:

The creators of NFT will have the choice to use the OpenRarity feature to their pieces.

"OpenRarity is a collaborative partnership between OpenSea,, Curio, and PROOF. On OpenSea, filmmakers may opt-in to show OpenRarity rarity rankings for their collection," the platform said.

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According to Tarusha Mittal, the CEO of UniFarm, the NFT market will be a $231 billion (roughly Rs. 18,41,300 crore) behemoth by 2030, and it''s too big a business to be ignored, according to Tarusha Mittal, the founder of UniFarm. UniFarm is a multi-token reward staking program.

Owning NFTs has become a trend. NFTs have also been proving to be a lucrative business tool for many big corporations.

A total of $260 million (roughly Rs. 2,074 crore) has been bagged by high-end luxury brands including Nike, Gucci, Dolce, and Gabbana, as part of their sales of their NFT items.