The most recent image from the ESA shows 'Claw Marks' on the Martian surface

The most recent image from the ESA shows 'Claw Marks' on the Martian surface ...

In the most recent release from the European Space Agency''s Mars Express orbiter, a unique characteristic of Mars has been revealed. However, the surface of the Red Planet appears to be huge scratches across it. These marks, however, are considered to be an important feature, as these troughs can reach 350 metres (1,148 feet) deep, 10 kilometres wide, and continue for up to 1,000 kilometers. This image is a "true color," meaning it depicts what humans might see if they looked at the area with

Every day, endlessly working robots on the Red Planet''s surface are revealing new information.An ESA press release stated, these features appear as if someone had raked their fingernails across the Red Planet''s surface, carrying out long trenches.

Tantalus Fossae fossae''s means hollow or depression is a prominent feature on Mars. This depression lies along the eastern edge of Alba Mons, a massive low-relief Martian volcano. As the summit of Alba Mons rose in elevation, distorting, expanding, and shattering the surrounding surface, the fossae were discovered.

The image was created using the high-resolution stereo camera used on ESA''s Mars Express and a digital terrain model of Mars, but it gives an astonishing visual effect.

The Tantalus Fossae faults are an excellent example of a surface feature known as a graben when two parallel faults broke up, allowing the rock between them to fall down into the ensuing void. This Mars Express image may show a number of grabens. These are assumed to have one after the other, giving scientists the chance to depict the events that created this stunning environment.

The Mars Express has been orbiting the Red Planet since 2003, capturing its surface, mapping its minerals, determining the composition and circulation of its atmosphere, investigating its crust, and investigating how numerous phenomena interact in the Martian environment.