Quanta, an apple supplier in Shanghai, is experiencing a flood as a result of the COVID-19 shutdown: a report

Quanta, an apple supplier in Shanghai, is experiencing a flood as a result of the COVID-19 shutdown: ...

Quanta Shanghai Manufacturing City would seem like an ideal location to enact China''s "closed-loop" management system to prevent the spread of COVID that requires employees to live and work on-site in a secure bubble.

The campus, which was spanning over a size of 20 football fields, boasts factories, living quarters for 40,000 employees, some living 12 hours per room, and even a supermarket.

On Thursday, the system fell into chaos as COVID-19 breached Quanta''s defences.

In a video posted online, over a hundred Quanta workers were physically overloading security guards in hazmat suits and vaulting over factory gates to escape being trapped inside the factory, despite false warnings that employees on the floor that day tested positive for COVID.

The uncertainty at Quanta underscores Shanghai''s struggles to get its manufacturing companies back up to speed, with many of them bolstering worldwide supply chains, even as a portion of the city of 25 million remains under China''s "dynamic-zero" COVID policy.

Quanta, based in Taiwan, makes approximately three-quarters of Apple''s global MacBook production, and produces computer circuit boards for Tesla.

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Quanta did not respond to a request for feedback on the videos, which appeared on Chinese social media platforms before being removed down. Apple declined to comment, and Tesla did not respond to a request for comment.

Quanta''s closed-loop was set up to restart operations at the facility on April 18 with about 5% of its workforce, or 2,000 employees, and plans to triple that by April 22. Shanghai''s public schools described the restart as an example of how the country''s largest economic hub was keeping its business open.

Every day, complaints are made.

According to Shanghai government records, cases have been reported daily at an address belonging to the campus from March 26 to May 4. Quanta has not disclosed the number of cases among its employees.

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Calls seeking assistance to address positive cases which were not being isolated at Quanta began appearing on Weibo on April 6, five days after Shanghai began a city lockdown.

Thousands of people waited for buses to be taken to quarantine facilities throughout the month. Employers began posting photos and accounts on Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok, which showed dozens of people queueing for buses to be delivered to central quarantine facilities.

A couple watched a picture of themselves sitting at Shanghai''s National Exhibition and Convention Center, one of the city''s largest quarantine centers, as well as at a facility designed to house Quanta workers.

Reuters was not able to independently verify the footage, but two employees and a person with direct knowledge of the campus''s operations stated that there were multiple infections there.

"Each dormitory reported a few positive cases a day, and eventually everyone became positive," said one of the two workers, who gave his surname as Li, adding that there were eight cases in his room, including him.

Employees said cases were often not isolated for days after testing positive, and the person with direct knowledge of the campus''s operations said there were inadequate isolation areas, which resulted in persistent infections.

Employees claim that the disruption on Thursday night was caused by that, claiming that positive instances had been discovered among those who worked in the buildings.

Workers were spooked by an order directing them not to return to their dormitories, posing concerns that they may be locked down inside the property.

While the video of the fray were demolished this weekend, discussions on Weibo and Douyin continued, with one user simply saying, "What a mess."

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