Whistleblower Group accuses Facebook of blotting Australian health sites

Whistleblower Group accuses Facebook of blotting Australian health sites ...

As part of a negotiations tactic last year, a whistleblower group accused Facebook of deliberately blocking websites for Australian hospitals and emergency services.

Meta, a Silicon Valley tech business, was lobbying to weaken a proposed legislation that mandated it to pay news providers in Australia, following a ban on all of its content in February 2021.

In the wake of the company''s claims, the algorithm blocked other websites, claiming that the accident was justified, stating on Friday that "any suggestion to the contrary is categorically and clearly false."

According to a Meta spokesperson, "We intended to remove Australian government pages from restrictions in order to minimize the consequences of this misleading and harmful legislation."

"We apologised and were able to rectify when we were unable to do so as intended due to a technical error."

According to the Wall Street Journal, a US-based business firm Whistleblower Aid was in fact a Meta fraud in documents with the US Department of Justice and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

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In a letter, the organization said that Facebook''s five-day lack of news content providers had deliberately "overblocked" local governments, health services, and other sites that was providing support for vulnerable people.

According to a group, the aim was to force the government to weaken the proposed measure.

"This was not just an example of a corporate actor being behaved recklessly," said Whistleblower Aid''s chief executive.

"Facebook intentionally put lives at danger to protect its bottom line."

Australia approved a measure requiring Facebook to negotiate with news content providers shortly after the crisis, but politicians dilutioned some of the most expensive proposals.