Facebook has said it will continue to provide a feature for friends who are on the lookout for a few years, including weather alerts and more

Facebook has said it will continue to provide a feature for friends who are on the lookout for a few ...

Facebook''s Nearby Friends feature, which allows users to share their current location with other Facebook users, will not be available until May 31 this year. As per user reports on social media, the Meta owned company has begun informing users about the discontinuation of Nearby Friends and other location-based features. The feature also allows users to keep track of their current location. Along with Nearby Friends, Facebook has also closed weather alerts, location history, and background location.

Facebook reportedly announced the discontinuation of the Friends Nearby feature via a Facebook app notification. The feature that assists users in discovering which ones are nearby or on the go will no longer be available starting May 31, 2022, according to the company in a letter.

Other location-based features, including weather alerts, location history, and Background Location, have also been removed from the platform. Facebook has provided time until August 1 this year for users to download their information, including location history. It will then be removed. However, Facebook has stated that it will continue collecting users'' location information for "other experiences."

Back in 2014, Facebook was able to change the Nearby Friends feature on both iOS and Android. These features show which friends are nearby or on the go. This way, you''ll get in touch with them and meet up. Also, you may see when your friends are traveling and visit the city they are in.

Facebook''s audio offerings were reportedly shut down less than a year after its introduction. The move is part of a broader re-evaluation of Facebook''s audio programs. Last year, Facebook launched podcasts and live audio streams in the United States to keep users interested in its platform and to compete with emerging competitors.

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