Weibo Accounts and the Chairman of Lenovo have been cleared by Didi and the Chairman of Lenovo, raising concerns over a possible danger in public speaking

Weibo Accounts and the Chairman of Lenovo have been cleared by Didi and the Chairman of Lenovo, rais ...

Local media reports that prominent Chinese billionaires, including Liu Chuanzhi, the founder of Lenovo Group, and Liu Qing, the President of Didi Chuxing, have cleared their Weibo accounts and only made content from the last sixmonths visible.

Weibo is a Chinese microblogging platform that is widely used in China as an alternative to Twitter, which is unaccessible in the country.

According to reports, several well-known Chinese billionaires have also removed their Weibo accounts, including Zhang Yiming, the founder of ByteDance, and Wang Xing, the founder of Meituan. The shocking move by a number of prominent individuals has prompted speculation on the Chinese social media that the big-theft entrepreneurs are afraid of something.

According to a survey, Weibo and other social media were considered good public relations channels, and tech giants have been using social media to discuss their future development plans.

The group said it is a difficult time to speak public, but they have all had to quit on social media platforms.

According to a television channel CCTV, the Hangzhou State Security Bureau slashed several "Ma," claiming that it was attempting to infiltrate state powers and putting a hole in national security.

The news was quickly afflicted with Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma as Hangzhou was both the headquarters of Alibaba Group and the Ant Group, both of whom Jack Ma owned businesses.

CCTV reported a similar incident on April 25 but was later reported with vague rhetoric and unambiguous information. The news caused a massive drop in Alibaba''s stock price in Hong Kong, which increased by 9.4 percent.

Some believe that all of this was deliberately undertaken by the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) in order to give Jack Ma a stern warning.

Alibaba, Taobao, Ant Financial, and other companies have the privacy of hundreds of millions of people, are a hidden concern for the Central Committee of China''s Communist Party, and they are also thought to have the potential to "subvert state authority."

According to reports, the move of Xi Jinping''s term is seen as a top priority by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. Moreover, people believe that in today''s time nothing can happen to the tycoons, and it does not appear like a far-fetched idea that a big business titan is detained.