What you need to know about Fitbit accounts is being shut down

What you need to know about Fitbit accounts is being shut down ...

Since Google''s $2.1 billion acquisition of the fitness tracker company, Fitbit has yet to fully integrate into the Google ecosystem. However, the latest updates from Google show that significant changes are expected soon.

Though some of Google''s support will continue throughout this time, some Fitbit features will require a Google account, which is unlikely to forced existing users to make the switch.

We are not sure exactly which features will be hidden behind Google accounts at this time, although Google says further information will be made as the 2023 launch date approaches.

Fitbit by Google

Fitbit users can now access their Fitbit account and Fitbit to manage their Fitbit fitness tracker. While your Google account may be used as credentials, it is still a Fitbit account.

Fitbit is now considered a company''s own ecosystem. Fitbit is branded devices that run Fitbit apps; the Fitbit Sense 2 includes Alexa as a voice assistant rather than Google Assistant. While you get some Google apps like Google Maps and Google Wallet, the operating system is Fitbit OS, not WearOS 3.

According to Google''s report, this might happen if slowly. Fitbit devices will still be health and wellness-focused fitness trackers, even those with a smartwatch form factor like the Sense 2. Despite this, most of the debate about these changes sembled to improve safety for Fitbit users.

Ahead of Google account taking over from Fitbit accounts, the Google Pixel Watch might be available at the Google Event. However, it might be unusual to have multiple operating systems for Google smart wearables. Perhaps WearOS might be the next option.

The state of Fitbit devices

Fitbits should not be confused with smartwatches, at least not completely. While some Fitbit devices are still on our list of best smartwatches, they are still primarily fitness trackers. The Fitbit Versa 3 and Sense 2 both provide you with some great smartwatch capabilities like a contactless payment and a built-in voice assistant, though it is the fitness tracking capabilities that make the Fitbit selling point.

For less than $100, users get some useful health metrics, automatic workout tracking, and relatively accurate sleep tracking insights.

Despite its affordable price, Fitbit continues to be a top two on our list of best fitness trackers. No, it will not for those looking for a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 competitor, but if you are just aiming to improve your fitness, it will continue to be a great option.