Microsoft intends to release new Windows 11 features next month

Microsoft intends to release new Windows 11 features next month ...

Microsoft has started implementing the Windows 11 2022 Update, the first feature update for its operating system. Incredibly, not all features are available right now: Microsoft intends to bring another update next month to allow a number of new features, such as tabbed File Explorer, the redesigned "Open With," dialog box, suggestions actions, taskbar overload, and others. Here is the best news: you can enable them right now.

Every time Microsoft develops a new preview build, Windows versions have been disabled by default, without even having to provide an enablement package. So, the Windows 11 2022 Update and its upcoming "moment 1" update are among the most common.

If your PC receives the Windows 11 2022 Update or 22H2, there will be a tabbed File Explorer, a new taskbar overflow, and more goodies. Here are some of the above steps to follow:

Remember that the most secure option is to wait for Microsoft to send you the new features via Windows Update. Occasionally, disableing hidden features using the ViveTool app can lead to unexpected behaviors, bugs, and unwanted software weirdness. If you are not able to troubleshoot your system or uninstall Windows in the worst-case scenario, then sit back and wait for Microsoft to complete the job.

Will you force-enable the upcoming Windows 11 "moment 1" features?