The Samsung Galaxy S23 charging specifications have just been leaked, and it's terrible news

The Samsung Galaxy S23 charging specifications have just been leaked, and it's terrible news ...

The Samsung Galaxy S23 may have a lot of appeal to the current Galaxy S22 series, according to reports. It now appears like charging is included in those similarities.

Leaker Ice Universe (opens in a new tab) published what he claims to be a smartphone certification entry for new Samsung phones. According to the model Specification, the maximum charging speed is 11 volts at 2.25 amps, according to a little analysis. This ranges from the familiar 25W charging standards.

Since the Samsung Galaxy S10 was launched in 2019, the only exceptions to the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy S22 Ultra are both 45W charging. Even the sophisticated Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 are ok, meaning there''s no need to escape even if you fork out for the most foldable phones.

The Galaxy S23 would have no chance of reaching the top of our fastest charging phones page. Rival devices like the OnePlus 10 Pro or Black Shark 5 Pro can take half an hour or less to fill the phone from 0%, thanks to 65W or higher chargers. These chargers come in the box, unlike Samsung''s latest phones, adding additional value.

Samsung may be making things worse, though. In the end, the iPhone 14 range, which still charges at a maximum of 20W, takes 30 minutes to reach 57% capacity in the case of the iPhone 14 Pro, the fastest charging model. These, like the Galaxy S22 series, are certainly phones you should charge overnight rather than in a pinch when you start running low.

So far, a slew of facts about the Galaxy S23 are unlikely to differ from the Galaxy S22 series. Especially the Ultra model, which has its Galaxy Notestyle design and features, although the S22 Plus may be logical for Samsung to offer only a small set of upgrades this year, including a larger battery or a 200MP main camera. However, some rumors suggest that thicker bezels or an Exynos chipset around the world don''t make much sense.

Whatever happens, it seems like we''ll be able to see what the S23 series will be about in February next year.