Apple Watch Ultra is in the works: big, powerful, and great for runners

Apple Watch Ultra is in the works: big, powerful, and great for runners ...

The Apple Watch Ultra has a long-lasting design, a 49-millimeter display, an Action Button, and a slew of outdoor sports features to make the watch feel at home on the wrist of a runner, hiker, or ironman. The Watch Ultra also has the strength to maintain things that has not been found from the best Apple Watches for years.

Although $799/849/AU$1299 is the most expensive Apple Watch on the market, and at the pricer end of things when it comes to some of the finest running watches around. At its core, the Apple Watch Series 8 is a watchOS 9, which provides all sorts of health tracking and can be used to communicate. This Apple Watch Ultra review is in progress.

Price and release date for Apple Watch Ultra Ultra review

The Apple Watch Ultra is priced $799/ 849/AU$1,299. It''s a unique model, equipped with cellular support. In other words, cellphone connectivity isn''t optional the way it is for the Apple Watch 8, which starts at $399 (AU$649) for the GPS-only version.

Apple Watch Ultra was first available on September 23, and is now available from Apple and on third-party retailers such as Amazon. However, if you know how to trade in your Apple Watch, you might get credit on an older device and put it towards the Apple Watch Ultra.

The design and display of the Apple Watch Ultra are in progress.

Good things don''t come in small packages, however, the Apple Watch Ultra''s size is enormous on the wrist, and it measures 49mm. Its considerably larger than the 41mm and 45mm display of the Apple Watch Series 8, and whether or not it is a good or bad thing, depending on your preferences.

The display has a brightness of 2,000 Nits, which is twice as sharp as the screen on the Apple Watch Series 8. It looks great and is easy to read even in direct sunlight. Plus, in workout modes, the larger screen allows for seven data fields rather than six.

The Ultra is also more rugged and capable of handling knocks and drops that come with outdoor wear. The bezel is made from titanium, with a lip around the screen to provide further protection. The display is made from sapphire glass, and the watch has an increased water resistance of 100 meters.

The digital crown is larger and has deeper groves, and combines with the side button in a protruding ledge on the right side of the device. This supposedly simplifies the buttons while wearing gloves. An additional action button is also on the left side of the Apple Watch Ultra, which can be used as a quick-launch for an assigned purpose.

Above the new button is a visible speaker grille, which serves two purposes: 1) it improves sound quality on phone calls, even in hot conditions, and 2) it sends an emergency siren of 86 decibels, allowing your alert to be heard up to 180 meters away. I haven''t been in a remote location yet, but it will do so in the next few days. In principle, it is a fantastic feature, and it should be extended to all Apple Watches.

I used the Action Button to guide me straight to the Apple Watch''s workout menu if I wanted, but the button could also take me right to an outdoor run, but as I often use my Apple Watch to track dog walks, swims, and bike rides, I chose to go to the entire list of workout modes. I also used the button mid-run to stop my activity I found getting rid of the Action Button and the side button much easier than swiping the screen.

The Ultra is available with three different bands to suit your specific activity. The Trail Loop band has the finest Apple Watch band to date, designed for endurance athletes and runners. The Alpine Loop band includes two integrated layers and a G-hook fastening, designed for beginners, and the Ocean Loop is, you guessed it, designed for water sports and diving.

Ive used the Alpine Loop for several months, found it comfortable and quick drying, but it isn''t too severe to adjust. Im also on the second-smallest loop, and do not have particularly skinny wrists. Im sure the Trail Loop will appeal to anyone, so I''ll look back once I have had a chance to test it.

The Apple Watch Ultra review is in progress: Features

Like the Apple Watch Series 8, the Apple Watch Ultra has a skin temperature sensor and crash detection, but there are a number of other capabilities that will make the watch more suited for adventure.

The Apple Watch Ultra is now a more capable navigation device. It allows you to save waypoints or specific markers when you''re somewhere you want flag. There''s also a trackback feature that helps you retrace your steps, if you''re lost.

Apple has added a dual-frequency GPS to the watch, integrating L1 and L5 algorithms. According to the company, the Ultra allows for the most accurate GPS available to the moment.

The Ultra also has special features like Precision Start, which allows you to bypass the 321 countdown sequence when you start an activity, and wait until you know the watch has found the GPS signal. I was impressed with this feature - the Ultra is also a more reliable watch to have on your wrist on race day.

The Apple Watch Ultra, which has all of the watchOS 9 features, has a Wayfinder watch face that fits all of the outdoors-adjacent challenges into a single face. When you rotate the crown, the face turns red, allowing better visibility in the dark.

There''s also a new dive app called Depth, which I haven''t had an opportunity to review yet. Apple is working with Huish Outdoors to transform the Apple Watch Ultra into an on-wrist diving computer. Niche, but calm.

The Apple Watch Ultra Ultra review is in progress.Battery life

The Ultra has a battery life of 12 hours, including in Apple''s new low-power mode, the Ultra still has the same GPS and heart rate capabilities, and a battery life of 15/16 hours. This will be extended to 60 hours in a new update, as the setting will have the option to reduce the frequency of GPS and heart rate readings.

This is great for an Apple Watch, but it is still shorter than many other running watches on the market. For example, the Fenix 7, which has a lifetime duration of up to 89 hours (or 122 hours with solar) in GPS mode.

During testing, I went for a 10-mile run with the watch at 100% charged, and ran for a total of 85 minutes without low power. I finished the run on 91%, making Apples predictions about right. In the future, I will continue to test the battery life.

Apple Watch Ultra''s review is in progress, with an early verdict.

Due to the Action Button, the Precision Start feature, and improved battery life, the Apple Watch Ultra is sans a doubt the best Apple Watch for anyone training serious. Despite its impressive performance, it is still missing some of the features of Garmin and Polar. There is no option to download offline maps at the moment of writing.

Id argue that aside from Precision Start, the dive app, and the Way Finder, all of the new and improved WatchOS 9 workout features are equally helpful when you buy an Apple Watch to check your texts, and for the occasional workout in the gym.