How to Watch Aaron Judge break the baseball home run record on Apple TV+

How to Watch Aaron Judge break the baseball home run record on Apple TV+ ...

Aaron Judge, a baseball player, is currently aiming for an all-time home run league record today, doubling up sixty players this season. And in a somewhat condescending turn of events, the crucial game is landing on the last Apple TV+ Friday Night Baseball day of the season, which is a great final for the Apples'' first venture into live sports.

Aaron Judge had his 60th home run of the season at Tuesdays against the Pittsburgh Pirates. He needs one more today to tie Roger Maris'' all-time American league record of 61, set in 1961. If he gets two home runs, Judge will be the all-out winner.

The big game with the Red Sox will take place today at 7 PM Eastern Time at the Yankees stadium. It is one of the two games today available exclusively on the Apple TV platform, which is now available as part of the Apple Friday Night Baseball deal.

The Yankees'' YES network reportedly met with Apple to discuss showing the potentially history setting game on other channels, but Apple declined. As such, the only way to see the big game is by using the Apple TV app.

If you do not already, you will need an Apple ID. In the process, you may sign up for a seven-day free trial of Apple TV+. However, Apple has broadcast all Friday Night Baseball games this season for free. (Future Friday Night Baseball may require a TV+ subscription, however. This is as a limited time offer.)

This means to watch Aaron Judge today, and you need to have an Apple ID and a license to get the Apple TV app. The Apple TV app is available on Apple devices, like the iPhone, Apple TV 4K, iPad, and Mac.

The TV app is also available on third-party platforms, including Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, PlayStation, Xbox, and Comcast Xfinity set-top boxes. You may also see it on a PC in a web browser at

Then, enter your Apple ID into the TV app and scroll down to find the Friday Night Baseball section. Tap on the game tile to start seeing. If you use an Apple device running iOS 15.6 or later, the TV app allows for the pausing and rewinding of the live stream.

Despite the focus being paid on the Red Sox vs. Yankees game, the other baseball game today is the Cardinals at Dodgers. Both of these games are available on the Apple TV app for free.