A massively fast CPU is demonstrated as the Intel Raptor Lake flagship benchmark leak

A massively fast CPU is demonstrated as the Intel Raptor Lake flagship benchmark leak ...

Intels'' next-gen flagship CPU has been discovered in a leaked benchmark, with the Raptor Lake chip showing a good turnaround time.

The Core i9-13900K has been revealed in PassMark, with Tum_Apisak being sent to our attention on Twitter (avec l''aide of VideoCardz, which opens in a new tab)), with the processor being ranked on four sample runs.

https://t.co/HdXGMn3D8w pic.twitter.com/2WTK9g0TFE September 23, 2022

The 13900K was scored 4,833 (averaged) in a single-thread performance, which is around 15% quicker than its predecessor (and about 10% quicker than the special edition 12900KS). This is a fantastic performance that now holds it top spot in the PassMark rankings.

For multi-threaded the 13900K was 54,433 points, which is 31% faster than the 12900K, and approximately 20% quicker than the Ryzen 9 5950X in PassMarks CPU Mark. Again, thats a good early show, and it has certainly raised some expectations about what the Raptor Lake flagship might offer, although we should always be cautious about leaked benchmarks.

Analysis: A source of interesting information and a sign that Raptor Lake is coming soon?

This is not a one benchmark suite, but a four sample run as described, which means there is very little doubt about what we might infer here. PassMark isnt the benchmark was most delighted to see in leaks either, but nevertheless, it represents a piece of the puzzle regarding the 13900K''s overall performance. But its only that one piece, and not a major component of the puzzle either.

There is no denying that the retrofit shown here is eye-opening. Sadly, there is no next-gen Ryzen 7000 processor showing up on PassMark, which would certainly make for the most engaging comparison. And thats quite odd, as AMD''s Zen 4 chips are set to release on September 27, in fact, and Raptor Lake silicon isn''t even revealed yet. (That revelation is thought to be happening on the same day as Ryzen 7000 goes on sale, which implies that AMD has made some tricks

Raptor Lake chips will not be available until next month, seemingly mid-October, or thereabouts, but perhaps these benchmarks are beginning now, in an itch for success, rather than later in October. We will see, but at least it indicates that Intels 13th-gen CPUs will not be delayed from their rumored launch schedule, anyway.

Intel recently revealed that the 13900K can upgrade to 5.8GHz (albeit briefly) at stock, and a future chip the 13900KS presumably, which again is likely to turn up as a special, higher-binned version of the flagship is expected to increase to 6GHz. And again, thats at stock performance, as in default, right out of the box.

Raptor Lake is certainly building up stunningly, but AMDs Zen 4, the next-generation Ryzen 7950X is already breaking world records in several tests, where the top performers utilized liquid nitrogen, and yet the 7950X was enhanced with standard you-can-do-this-at-home cooling.