Is this the true character of a new white Xbox Series X just teased by Logitech?

Is this the true character of a new white Xbox Series X just teased by Logitech? ...

The eye of the hawk is incredulous, and the Xbox Series X is a striking dark monolith or a dull black PC-like box depending on your viewpoint. However, Logitech may have just suggested a white Xbox Series X on the horizon.

A white Xbox Series X can be seen in the background, alongside a white Xbox Wireless Controller and a PS5, as well as a range of other mostly white gaming peripherals in Logitech''s new commercial.

This might be a bit of editing effort from Logitech to simply adapt the tone of the advert. Nevertheless, the two-tone color scheme used here, where the console''s body is white and its disc drive and power button are black, echoes the appearance of the Xbox Series S.

Logitech may have unknowingly revealed that the Xbox Series X might be on its way.

Given the Series X''s two-year anniversary and there''s likely to be some improvement in manufacturing processes after the major semiconductor shortage in the past 18 months, it makes sense that a new color option for Microsoft''s console may be coming, and aside, Logitech does not provide anything like vinyl wrap for gaming devices, so this white Xbox Series X is unlikely to be chalked up to Logitech''s third-party efforts.

Regardless of how this white Xbox Series X has evolved, we believe it may be that Microsoft have developed several other color options for its flagship console. While the black box is quite simple to integrate into a fairly low-key entertainment arrangement, it may be a bit jarring if you have more of a warm-colored setup (in my case it sits behind my LG C1 OLED TV out of sight). As such, a white Xbox Series X might be a nice alternative to the black version.

Microsoft has yet to reveal anything about a white Xbox Series X, so you must wait and see if this console in the Logitech advert is a forthcoming new color option or just a custom effort on Logitech.