The Wednesday Addams TV show on Netflix has a surprising post-Halloween release date

The Wednesday Addams TV show on Netflix has a surprising post-Halloween release date ...

Netflix has announced the release date for Wednesday, including the revival of the popular comedy-horror brand The Addams Family. However, fans who are hoping for a pre-Halloween release should be dissatisfied.

Before the Tudum 2022 streamers, Netflix revealed that the new series will begin streaming on Wednesday, November 23. Frustratingly, thats a little over three weeks after the spookiest night of the year. Probably the Tim Burton-directed show will premiere on the day it shares a name with, though (slow clap for Netflix).

Wednesday''s 23rd edition is live! Snap, snap, and Netflix wrote in a tweet (opens in a new tab) sharing the news, which was followed by a new poster featuring Jenna Ortega in costume as the show''s titular character. Check it out below:

Wednesday''s 23rd Party! Snap, snap. 23, 2022

Wednesday Addams will follow her on eight episodes of the supernatural coming-of-age series, which includes eight episodes of her own dysfunctional family.

Well see Wednesday, based on what we''ve previously told, learning to master her newfound psychic abilities, preventing a murderous killing spree, and attempting to solve a 25-year-long family mystery.

Catherine Zeta-Jones (The Legend of Zorro) will play Morticia, Luis Guzman, the Addams Family''s mother, and Gomez Addams, and Isaac Ordonez, who plays Wednesday''s younger brother, Pugsley.

Christina Ricci (Yellowjackets) will play Marilyn Thornhill as a cast member of the show, while Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones, The Sandman) will play Principal Larissa Weems, who plays the villains in the famous 1990s Addams Family films.

Tim Burton, who plays Burton on Wednesdays, is on hand as the show''s executive producer. Danny Elfman is also involved in several Wednesdays episodes, which mark his modest screenorial debut). Expect a creepy soundtrack of Batman proportions, according to famous filmmakers.

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