Apple isn't selling its own lanyard for AirPods Pro 2; here are a few suggestions

Apple isn't selling its own lanyard for AirPods Pro 2; here are a few suggestions ...

AirPods Pro 2 is already out. One of the most attractive features of this product is that a lanyard can hold it, thus users may lock their earbuds on their bags, jeans, or hands. While Apple is not planning to make its own AirPods Pro 2 lanyard, it is likely to be concerned about the tremendous success it had with the Polishing Cloth, and customers are having to wait months to get their own. Here are some techniques to better protect your new wireless earbuds.

Apple is offering an AirPods Pro 2 Incase Lanyard model for up to three weeks to be delivered and for $12.95, a premium price for this soft braided cord that can be used as a wrist loop or with the integrated clip to attach it to a backpack or handbag.

Spigen, for example, has a universal adjustable hand-wrist strap lanyard, which is both coloured and white, and is capable of working on the AirPods Pro 2 MagSafe charging case. Apart from this, this accessory costs half the price of the Incase option, and you may find it here.

This AirPods Pro 2 lanyard pack can offer six adjustable nylon wristlet straps for daily wear, and it can also be used with the new wireless headphones, your camera, and your GoPro devices. The price is $6.59, available here.

YUOWO also offers an AirPods Pro 2 lanyard package with five different accessories. The company called them reflective hand straps, making them more eye-catching to remind you not to leave your case behind. This pack costs $8.99.

Foshine also has a six-pack of AirPods Pro 2 lanyards. Personally, they are the most practical option out there, which includes adjustable sizes, nylon material, as well as other materials. They also include a 6-pack of straps that can be used for several occasions. You can get them here for $9.99.

Here are a few more options at Amazon. Have you ever found the perfect lanyard for your new AirPods? Share them with us in the comments section below.