This weekend, Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, and others will feature seven new films and TV shows (September 23)

This weekend, Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, and others will feature seven new films and TV shows (S ...

In a recent introduction, we stated that House of the Dragon and The Rings of Power are dominant the cultural conversation right now, and while both series continue to do so as we move towards October, Disney Plus has seen that it''s appropriate to add another headline-grabbing TV program into the mix.

Yes, ladies and gents: Star Wars is back. Three months after the credits were released on Obi-Wan Kenobi, Andor a new adventure starring Diego Luna is reimagining fans intergalactic itches.

This weekend, there aren''t all lightsabers and speeder bikes, and below, weve discussed six more films and TV shows that will be available on Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max, and other streaming services over the next few days.

Andor (Disney Plus)

The world of Star Wars fans will never have a better time to be a Star Wars fan. Sure, the sequel trilogy didn''t disappoint as usual as Lucasfilm and Disney intended, but the duo are probing out interesting Star Wars-set stories at a fast-paced pace in 2022.

Andor''s second film is a 12-episode series based on Cassian Andor''s experiences and his involvement in the Rebel Alliance''s early days. Set five years before the events of Rogue One, Cassian is investigated and taken as a part of a Jason Bourne-style tale of interstellar espionage.

We described Andor as a blood-pumping spy thriller that might be the best Star Wars show yet, and which is huge praise given how much we enjoyed the first two seasons of The Mandalorian. 1-3 episodes are now streaming on Disney Plus, with the remaining nine entries scheduled to arrive every Wednesday.

Disney Plus is now available for streaming.

Reboot (Hulu)

Reboot, a new comedy series that is now available on Hulu and Disney Plus (depending on your region) has been inspired by Steven Levitan, a talented modern Family co-creator.

This eight-episode comedy focuses on a dysfunctional group of actors who reunite for a reboot of fictitious noughties sitcom Step Right Up. Keegan-Michael Key, Judy Greer, Johnny Knoxville, Paul Reiser, Rachel Bloom, Calum Worthy, and Krista Marie Yu.

Review of Reboot have been generally positive so far, with critics expressing their admiration for the series'' corny humor and timely satire. Both episodes are now available, with weekly installments beginning October 25.

Hulu is now available on the US and Disney Plus in the United Kingdom.

Thai Cave Rescue (Netflix)

For our money, Nat Geos The Rescue (available via Disney Plus) was the best documentary of the year, while Prime Videos recent dramatization of the same events, Thirteen Lives, was equally moving. Netflix, then, has a responsibility to prove why its own adaptation of the headline-grabbing 2018 incident should not be missed.

Thai Cave Rescue, the streamers'' eight-part limited series, is trying to sift things up by revealing facts from the perspective of the children at the core of this incredible story. It is also the only production to have obtained similar rights from the actual Wild Boars soccer team.

Thai Cave Rescue has been praised for its accuracy and willingness to bring something new to the table, although viewers should watch the series in its native Thai audio (rather than Netflixs'' automatically-enabled English dub).

Netflix is now available for download.

Lou (Netflix)

Anna Foerster, a veteran cinematographer, is the focus of a range of large-time Hollywood hits (including 2013''s White House Down), but she has now become a full-blown feature film filmmaker with Lou.

This new Netflix film is simple: When a young girl (Ridley Asha Bateman) is kidnapped, her mother (Jurnee Smollett) meets up with the strange loner living next door (Allison Janney) to pursue her captors.

Regardless of the fact that the synopsis of Taken sounds similar to Taken (though with Janney in the role of Liam Neesons), Lou is praised for standing on its own two feet as a solid action thriller.

The program is now available on Netflix.

Meet Cute (Peacock)

Pete Davidson has had one helluva year for many reasons that we won''t go into this year. This weekend, however, the comedian returns to the big screen in Peacocks Meet Cute.

Meet Cute stars Kaley Cuoco (The Flight Attendant) as sheila, a troubled young woman who, after discovering a time machine in a nail salon, discovers her past to be the perfect man. Naturally, things go wry, and Sheila quickly realizes that her well-intentioned actions might have harmful consequences.

Meet Cute has received widespread praise for attempting to mix-up the rom-com genre, but most reviewers have described the film as unsatisfactory. Pete, I''m sorry.

Peacock is now available for download.

Escape From Kabul (HBO Max)

Escape From Kabul, which is now the subject of a lot of controversy in certain filmmaking circles.

During this HBO show created in collaboration with the BBC, a study of 18 very difficult days in August 2021 when tens of thousands of Afghans arrived on Kabul airport following the capture of the city.

The film Escape From Kabul is complete with never-before-seen interviews from Afghan citizens, US Marines, and even Taliban members, and the filmmaker is described as groaning and heartbreaking.

HBO Max is now available for download.

Prisma (Prime Video)

In any given week, there''s always one major streamer who offers content that falls behind the competition, and that mantle falls on Prime Video on this occasion.

This weekend, Amazon''s platform will have a lot of new features to offer in the form of Prisma, an Italian-language series exploring the friendships and identities of two identical twins, Marco and Andrea (both played by Mattia Carrano).

We can''t speak for the reception of the evening yet, but Prisma seems to be a helpful conversation-starter for gender identity and brotherhood.

Prime Video is now available for download.