Apple Arcade games for iPhone, Mac, and Apple TV [New 9/23: Shovel Knight Dig]

Apple Arcade games for iPhone, Mac, and Apple TV [New 9/23: Shovel Knight Dig] ...

Apple Arcade has relaunched with over 100 titles, with new games being added regularly, with over 200 games now in the library. Follow along with our guide on Apple Arcade games.

The action-adventure Shovel Knight Dig is the latest release for the 9/23 season.

By heading to the Arcade tab in the App Store, you can download all of the most recent games and download them. The following is your chance to swipe down to the very bottom of the app and tap See All Games. The most recent games are listed at the top.

Apple Arcade is available for the first month, then $5 per month for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV, as well as included in Apple One bundles. PS5 and Xbox wireless controllers are also compatible with Apple devices and select titles.

Available Apple Arcade games by release date

Shovel Knight Dig is a program-packed adventure based on the 9/23/22 season.

In this all-new Shovel Knight adventure, Drill Knight steals his trusty Shovel Blade and starts tunneling after them! Meet new friends and foes, explore strange lands, and outfit yourself! Jump, slash, and dig your way down an endless chasm of mystery!

Garden Tails: Match and Grow 9/16/22 A relaxed puzzle game

Horizon Chase 2: 9/9/22

FEEL THE ARCADE RACING SPIRIT Horizon Chase 2 is the evolution of the award-winning racing franchise. Born under the arcade sign, this game will meet your senses through immersive and high-speed gameplay. This is the golden era of arcade racing brought back over a modern and completely evolved experience.

TRULY CLASSIC GAMEPLAY The classic 90s signature gameplay shines in keeping your fingers in tight control of the automobile. Avoid overtakes, forks, and nitrous. Dodge your competitors without a wink. This game requires strong racing skills and quick reflexes to defeat your opponents and cross the finish line.

MULTIPLAYER IN BLACK TIME Bring your crew to the race! In online chases, you may meet with friends in every game mode. Assemble a crew with other players to progress together or compete head-to-head with them around the world. It''s always time to have endless fun in a new era of arcade racing.

THE ART OF TOURING RELEASE a unique 3D world, featuring a unique art style. From the vibrant colors of each landscape to the unpredictable conditions of various weathers, this game progresses the arcade experience to a state of art. New horizons will guide you to the beauty of a spectacular and inviting visual voyage with no return.

GAME FROM THE GARAGE Red or blue? Stars or flames? When you visit the Garage Shop, you can customize your vehicle to make it as yours as possible. Over time, you can collect new cosmetic items and increase your stats. Race in different Game Modes and keep on track. Winning was never so rewarding.

PLAY IT. REPLAY IT. Horizon Chase 2 is now live. Dynamic evergreen events will help you improve your skills and show off your rides. Major Updates will bring up new rewards. Different game modes will take you to the next level of challenge. Every day is an excellent reason to come back and race.

Hanx101 Trivia: 9/2/22

With Hanx101 Trivia, you can gain access to multiple topics from history to geography to food. In head-to-head trivia contests or team play, you can tack your high score or challenge others. Available exclusively on Apple Arcade.

Tom Hanks is empowering you to learn how to play, learn, compete, and become a bang player!

Love You to Bits+ on 8/26/22

Love You to Bits+ is a charmingly sweet, purely visual, point-and-click, sci-fi adventure spanning all over the universe. Players follow the path of Kosmo, a clumsy, rookie space explorer in search of Nova''s robot girlfriend. Now it''s up to Kosmo to retrieve all of Nova''s bits, rebuild her, and reconnect. Explore the strangest worlds and planets, full of fantastic aliens, space-time puzzles

Jetpack Joyride is back in a whole-new frantic adventure on Apple Arcade! 8/19/22: A populous side-scroller

Barry returns in a dark adventure!

In this scenario, he will have new equipment and weapons to fight new adversaries and make his way through the laboratory to stop scientists experiments before it is too late.

Jetpack Joyride''s evolution comes with fresh HD graphics, new animations, new mechanics, and a fresh way of playing.

Talking Tom+ has arrived on Apple Arcade, which gives you all the fun and no ads or in-app purchases for the hit simulator.

Tom, a virtual pet cat who loves to chat, is talking.

Tom is the cat who makes every day a fun adventure.

Players adopt this virtual pet, keep him happy, and assist him in exploring his world.

  • Talking Tom can really talk
  • Fashion and furniture items to collect
  • Mini games add action, adventure and fun
  • Travel destinations are waiting to be explored
  • Photo albums to be filled with memories
  • And More

The 8/5/22 story adaptation of Amazing Bomberman has a fresh title in the popular action franchise. The new Apple Arcade release features 1-4 multiplayer fun and great music and visual effects.

Apple Arcade now offers Bomberman the best competitive action games! Bomberman is a new Bomberman game that boasts excellent music and visual effects.Enjoy thrilling battles on the tracks that change to the rhythm of the music.

  • Easy to play, enjoy online battles anytime, anywhere!
  • Fusion of Bomberman with music!? Play through the stages that change to the rhythm of the music.
  • Many of the songs were written especially for Amazing Bomberman!!
  • Practice mode for solo player.
  • Exciting battles between friends in FRIEND BATTLE mode!
  • Join battles and collect items for customization

Kingdom Rush Vengeance''s TD+ is the latest apple Arcade title, which can be seen on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

In the finest tower defense game, you can get ready to jump into action and show the Kingdom who is the real boss!

In this amazing TD game, you may be able to fight against supreme bosses, unlocking and switching to new towers. Train legendary heroes and get all of your achievements using your strategy.

In the best tower defense game available, Kingdom Rush Vengeance will give you hours and hours of gameplay!

HEROish, the newest game to launch on Apple Arcade, is 7/22/22. Here''s how Sunblink, the developer, describes it:

In this exciting head-to-head castle defense game, players may take part in three campy scenes, complete with musical scores, and hand-crafted environments. Players may customize decks and upgrade cards to form monstrous combinations of troops and spells. They can also defeat their opponents, destroy the Soul Gem that gives them power, and move to the top of the leaderboards.

The new Subway Surfers Tag, which is now available as an Apple Arcade exclusive, is 7/15/22. Here''s how Sybo Games explains the new expansion in the popular franchise:

Challenge Guard in off-limit areas, including the Railyard, Park, Docks, and Underground.


Explore the famous underground from off-limit, off-limit and off-limit trains in the park. Skate over the retired trains in the railyard, play in the park after dark, pick up some power-ups at the cargo docks. But watch out! Guard isn''t about to take up these shenanigans and is hot on your heels and this time, he has brought reinforcements!


Free skate across the arena, grinding rails, landing jumps, tagging objectives, and shoving the clean-up crew bots to get sweet combo point action. Avoid Guard and his clean-up-crew as they chase you down to fix this unfavorable reality.

Samorost 3+ Peculiar cosmic journey on 7/8/22

My Bowling 3D+ Realistic Bowling 7/1/22

Air Twister Swipe Shooting for 6/24/22

Cooking Mama: Cuisine! Master the Kitchen on 6/17/22

MobilityWare+''s Disney Jigsaw Puzzle is the latest addition to its Apples gaming app. It has over 25,000 puzzles with your favorite Disney and Hasbro characters and many more.

MobilityWare+''s Jigsaw Puzzle range includes the largest and most stunning collection of jigsaw puzzles, ranging from iconic brands like Disney, Hasbro, and others.

Jigsaw Puzzle has over 25,000 puzzles to choose from, including players sorting and moving the pieces around on the board, and filling in the edges just like the real thing. Only now, players can take the puzzle with them wherever they go.

Frogger embarks on a new adventure with a 3D puzzle solving challenge, Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins.

Make your way through puzzle-covered ruins and unravel the past of the Ancient Salientians.

  • Guide Frogger through the ruins by manipulating the terrain!
  • Simple and intuitive three-dimensional puzzles.
  • More than 100 stages with all sorts of traps and enemies!
  • And in the deepest parts of the ruins, will a ferocious boss battle await?
  • A fun and friendly story with a group of unique friends.
  • Add all treasures found in the ruins to your collection!

iWare Designs has launched its popular Pro Darts 2022+ on the platform today after receiving Pro Snooker & Pool 2022+ from Apple Arcade.

The fun and educational Crayola Create and Play+ for children has received its most recent release (this is a few of my five-year-olds favorite games with Pok Pok).

Pro Darts for 2022+

Pro Darts 2022 is a complete package for casual and serious gamers, complete with fully textured 3D game environments, advanced custom boards for standard and more obscure game types.

The simple swipe to throw interface combined with an innovative adjustable player assist system allows everyone from novices to pros to pick up and play the game at their own skill level.

Crayola Create and Play+

Crayola Create & Play is a brand new day! Explore an all-new creative world, where everything is interactive! As you decorate, build, and play in your own unique environment, let your imagination run wild.

All of your favorite creative adventures are here, plus some exciting new ones! Explore Main Street, wander through the woods, travel into a colourful jungle, descend into sparkling caves, or fly up into the clouds. Even if you want to get some fun, bring your pets along for a ride aboard the Imagination Express, it will take you anywhere you want!

In the new Craftables activity, players may also craft one-of-a-kind rocketships and kites! Have fun crafting this weekend? Take a look at some of the limited-time Spring items on hand.

5/20/22:Warped Kart Racers is an exclusive Apple Arcade game inspired by Mario Kart.

Race and battle solo or multiplayer with American Dad''s stars, Family Guy, King of the Hill, and Solar Opposites!

Experience iconic locations and even some surprise ones in your quest for karting fame by yourself.

TAKE CONTROL of one of the 20 playable characters and beat your friends in riotous races and brutal battles

Master RACING AND BATTLING across 16 maps drawn from fan-favorite episodes

Participate in an extensive SINGLE PLAYER fundraising or compete in 8-player MULTIPLAYER matches.