Fitbit plans to create a Google account login starting January 2023; it is required for new devices, including features

Fitbit plans to create a Google account login starting January 2023; it is required for new devices, ...

Fitbit has announced that it would allow users to log into a Google account in 2023. The move comes after Fitbit became the Google family of companies in January 2021 through an acquisition valued in at $2.1 billion (about 17,000 crore). Fitbit''s latest devices, including the Sense 2 and Versa 4, were presented with a Google branding, as well as an operating system similar to Google''s Wear OS 3 for its Pixel watch. According to Fitbit, signing up to set up new Fitbit devices will require a Google

According to Fitbit''s Help Page, Fitbit continues to provide its products and services "separately from Google," and a Fitbit account is required to use the app and devices. Fitbit currently manages its own login system with two-factor authentication (2FA) which uses carrier SMS as an authentication.

Following the transition in 2023, some use of Fitbit will require a Google account, whether to sign up for Fitbit or activate new Fitbit devices and features, according to the company''s help page. Non-Google Fitbit account users will be permitted to continue using their accounts in the same manner until 2025.

Fitbit users will be required to consent to the transfer of their user information from Fitbit to Google, which they will be given access to Fitbit services as per Google''s terms of service, privacy guidelines, and binding obligations for them.

The European Commission, which approved Google''s acquisition of Fitbit, requires Google''s full compliance with the binding commitments package, which includes maintaining user health and wellness data to software applications through the Fitbit Web API, without additional charges or downgrading of users experience on third-party wrist-worn devices. The duration of this mandated commitment currently stands at ten years, after which the commission may extend it for an additional ten years.