New Apple M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pros may arrive very soon

New Apple M2 Pro and M2 Max MacBook Pros may arrive very soon ...

New evidence suggests that Apple may release regular MacBook Pros later this year, and they might be something special.

DigiTimes reports that the new MacBook Pro 2022 models are expected to include Apple''s M2 Max and M2 Pro chips, and we''d like this to be true as the new processor is rumoured to include a 12-Core processor and a 28-Core GPU, which is a phenomenal increase when you compare it to the M1 Max, which has a 10-Core CPU and a 32-Core CPU.

Could we see a potential new look?

Even if there are substantial aesthetic changes, the simple suggestion that we may receive updated MacBooks is certainly encouraging when you consider how much we have enjoyed using Apple''s latest MacBooks and Macs.

In our day to day, they have not only changed the way we interact with our laptops, but our expectations for which performance is smooth and seamless, even when it comes to a fixed cost. They are suitable for many applications, including creatives, students, and professionals, and have a clever and simple design.

Those are the things we expect to see with the next MacBook - if and when they come. In our review of the Macbook Air (M2, 2022) we explained that the colors Apple gives the MacBooks might be useful in a little bit of life. We hope that the results of the colorful iMacs will be somewhat less noticeable in the near future.

These potential MacBook Pros have yet to be released, but as we approach the launch, we may see additional leaks and speculation.