At Fashion Week, nothing new ears are shown, but I need more than catwalk appearances

At Fashion Week, nothing new ears are shown, but I need more than catwalk appearances ...

If you''re looking for a forward-thinking and innovative technology company in transforming the ''one-time-half-of-OnePlus'' image, here is what you should do. No, there is just a bunch of information, no one wants it.

Carl Pei, the founder of The SS23 runway show, has never encountered a particular path when it comes to Nothing, and this recent fashion stunt is no exception. Everything was showcased throughout the designer Chet Los SS23 runway show (part of this years London Fashion Week) including the unreleased earbuds case and Nothing Phone 1 with its striking lights shining out from the stretchy translucent bag it was stuffed inside.

The Nothing Ear (1) earbuds'' follow-up does look to have a tube-shaped, stick-like case. And of course, it''s transparent. Sadly, we don''t have anything else to go on, and my love of headphones and music goes a little deeper I''m afraid.

The earbuds themselves are fairly identical to the previous model, according to an eye-catching technique, but it''s quite impossible to know if our best wireless earbuds purchase guide will be altered anytime soon, because we know nothing more.

If nothing Ear (stick) is true, it''s the name in terms of the driver configuration, battery life, Bluetooth version, or features, such as ANC, transparency profiles, and on-ear touch controls.

It''s either a stroke of skill to present these natural companions for the Nothing Phone 1 like this, or a total ludicrous. We don''t know. In fact, we don''t know Nothing.

Is there a precedent for style over substance?Opinions

Sorry. I want to be proven wrong, and I do. I''ve even written about Nothing''s potentially talented earbuds I''d like to see from Nothing''s well-known headphones, especially the soon-to-be-ubiquitous Pro 2 as a fan of Apple.

The original Nothings ears were dubbed, and it still is now, so that it all feels a little shallow. There is no denying that improving them was a priority.

Despite the urge to place this stick-like case in my designer fishing net bag''s translucent, ribbed strap, I need them to sound good.

It''s not as if beauty, physical transparency, and sonic brilliance can coexist with the stunning Campfire Audio Trifecta.

If you want to see the innards of your''buds, but want an edgy aesthetic, look to the cubist Audio-Technica ATH-SQ1TW for a budget option, or the Audeze Euclid if you''ve got a lot of income.

I''m interested in giving the new Nothing headphones a listen, and I''d like to, because I want to believe that it is effective in removing the physical barriers between us users and our old technologies. But I can''t make that judgment on what I''m looking for.