Fitbit intends to cancel Fitbit accounts by 2025 and switch to Google

Fitbit intends to cancel Fitbit accounts by 2025 and switch to Google ...

As your existing Fitbit one is going away in 2025, if you are dependent on your Fitbit for tracking health and fitness data.

Google''s acquisition of Fitbit in 2021, where it spent $2.1 billion on a fitness company that is known for producing non-only some of the finest fitness trackers on the market, but also some of the finest cheap fitness trackers.

Fitbit''s support page (opens in a new tab) states that existing Fitbit accounts will be supported until at least early 2025. When support ends, your account will cease to exist, and youll need to use a Google one to access your Fitbits fitness data.

This warning comes ahead of time giving you two years'' notice to make the change to Google, but you cant actually swap over quite yet. Google accounts on Fitbit haven''t yet launched, although according to the brand, they will be available sometime in 2023.

If you select to buy and activate a new Fitbit device next year (whether you have an existing account or not), the support page warns that you will need to use a Google account if Google accounts have launched. On top of this, the page warns that some new features will be hidden behind Google accounts once support goes live.

Through in-app updates and emails, Fitbit promises to keep users up to date on changes to its account system, and as soon as you receive the alert that Google accounts on Fitbit we recommend jumping over to avoid any disruption to your fitness tracking. Alternatively, you might select one of our other picks for the best smartwatch or fitness tracker if you don''t want to use Google''s services.