The RTX 4090 real-world clock speed has been revealed, and it's faster than expected

The RTX 4090 real-world clock speed has been revealed, and it's faster than expected ...

Nvidia will have a test camera of Cyberpunk 2077 running on the new GPU very soon, and it was quite pleased to have it delivered. DLSS 3.

During the demonstration, Nvidia showed some active GPU metrics on the screen, which demonstrated some unusual facts about the game''s running speed of 1400p resolution and maximum graphical settings.

The first - and potentially most useful - clues we received were that this RTX 4090 was carrying higher speeds than the previously reported official boost clock of 2,520MHz. Nvidia had previously stated that the GPU was breaching 3,000MHz when overclocked during internal testing, thus this is not entirely suspicious. However, it is good to see the card running at a high overclock.

When using native resolution, the RTX 4090 ran Cyberpunk 2077 at an average framerate just shy of 60 frames. With DLSS 3 turned off, taking the average framerate up to 171 feet, lowering power consumption by more than 110W.

It''s a noticeable performance-per-Watt improvement, which is encouraging given that the new RTX GPUs are quite power-hungry components. It goes beyond just framerates, and allows Nvidias higher latency, but also reduced the card''s maximum operating temperature by 29% during the DLSS 3 demo.

Analysis: The DLSS 3 will be most useful for lower-end cards.

Given the impressive performance of the GPU, DLSS 3 will not be required (or supported) for a lot of games, and if you have an RTX 4090, you certainly won''t need it for most titles. It''s actually the lower-spec GPUs, like the suspiciously underpowered 12GB RTX 4080, and any potential future cheaper cards, such as the RTX 4070, who will benefit from it the most.

DLSS has made significant strides since its introduction, so that it now allows lower-spec graphics cards to execute demanding games at higher resolutions without drastically changing framerates. It is also practically a must-have for games with resource-intensive ray-tracing techniques, like Cyberpunk 2077 (which is probably why Nvidia chose that game to demo DLSS 3.

Were a bit disappointed to see that DLSS 3 will likely not be used for older RTX cards, at least not anytime soon. DLSS, like the RTX 3070 and 3060 Ti, may be seriously elevated by third-gen, but Nvidia seems to keep it as a key RTX 4000 selling point for the time being.

Although the RTX 3000 and older cards are becoming cheaper and more affordable, the RTX 4090 release may signal the perfect time to get a good graphics card deal - especially if you are not planning on playing at 4K Ultra. If youre still rocking a 1080p monitor, picking a 3000-series GPU once the 4000-series arrives and the price drops follow might be a smart move. Black Friday is looming, after all.