These annoying iPhone bugs have just been fixed through the iOS 16 update

These annoying iPhone bugs have just been fixed through the iOS 16 update ...

iOS 16 has brought several new features to iPhones, as well as some annoying bugs. Fortunately, Apple has now released the iOS 16.0.2 update (opens in a new tab) which appears to address the most common issues.

The most significant benefit of the iPhone 14 Pro is a camera shake problem that happened in some apps when it was on sale. The TikTok and Snapchat users were alerted to unexpected wobbling from the phone''s new 48MP main camera, apparently caused by the sensor-shift stabilization module. Fortunately, Apple was reportedly working on a fix (via Mark Gurman (opens in new tab) that would soon be released, but it appears to have gotten a lot quicker for those who have already been diagnosed

Apple 16.0.2 gives you some information about excessive copy/paste alerts you may have encountered when attempting to copy text or other information from one app to another. Although it seemed like Apple might have done this deliberately to ensure you always knew which app was sending things, it recently confirmed that this behaviour was not intended. It said that a fix was coming, and it is now here.

We''ll have to look back when Apple will address the other common iPhone 14 issues that have been reported. Freezes during data transfer and difficulties with using iMessage and FaceTime following set-up are still disturbing issues without an apparent fix. So, we''ll need to see if Apple will update its iOS 16.0.3 version soon, or if the next iOS 16.1 update will allow you to resolve these issues.

Before iOS 16, iOS 16.1 was revealed, including a (now fixed) bug that made iPhones disseminate GPS coordinates, but will include a new Clean Energy Charging mode, improved device compatibility for the battery indicator, and the long-awaited release of live activity widgets.