The price of Google Pixel 7 has been dubbed a "feety" as the phone makes it sound like a real bargain

The price of Google Pixel 7 has been dubbed a "feety" as the phone makes it sound like a real bargai ...

Flagship phones are expensive - except when they aren''t, which looks to be the case with the Google Pixel 7, as a price drop suggests it will significantly undercut competitor phones.

According to Artem Russakovskii (opens in new tab) the founder of Android Police the Pixel 7 will start at $599, which is exactly the same starting price as the Pixel 6, and substantially less than the $799 starting price of the iPhone 14.

Given that the dollar price is apparently the same as last year, we may theorize that other currencies might be equally equally, which means the Pixel 7 will begin at 599 in the United Kingdom and AU$999 in Australia.

A couple of observers argue that the Pixel 7 Pro will get the same starting price as its predecessor, lowering the cost of $899, which might result in a price of 849 / AU$1,299 elsewhere.

According to current data in Target''s systems, Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are priced at $599. These are available in Snow, Obsidian, and Lemongrass colors. 22, 2022

These prices are apparently based on current Targets data, and come from a source Russakovskii claims to 100% trust, which makes it quite credible, although we would certainly try it with a pinch of salt.

Both models will likely also have a pre-order date of October 6 as they are being announced. Google had already confirmed this date for the Pixel 7 Pro, so it''s no surprise to hear that pre-orders for the standard model will also likely begin when they get ready.

The shipping date for October 13 is discussed, despite a recent leak on October 18, and Russakovskii isn''t sure if the leak is wrong or whether Targets data is out of date.

Upon receiving a $100 gift card with the Pixel 7 Pro, you may also get a $200 gift card with the Pixel 7 Pro, although it''s unclear whether there are additional eligibility limitations, beyond buying one of the phones.

Analysis: undercutting everything

If this leak is correct, the Google Pixel 7 will not only cut the iPhone 14 by a substantial $200, but also a lot of its other competition.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 for example starts at $799 (or 769 / AU$1,249), while the OnePlus 10T is also $649 / 629. This is not terribly surprising considering that Googles phones often underestimate the competition, but in a world of rising prices and inflation its nice to see.

The price will remain the same as it was last year outside the United States, although there is no assurance of that. Apple for example charged the same for the iPhone 14 as the iPhone 13 in its own country, but increased prices in the United Kingdom.

If Google does keep the prices relatively low then the Pixel 7 might well be a contender for our best phones list.